You and I could be the protagonists

Layne 2022-04-19 09:02:03

The movie has 4 stars, and one more star is for Fa Shark. Personally, I think that the despair of the film is mainly because you will find that if you are the protagonist, you may not do better than the protagonists. Except for the male protagonist's practice of rushing into other people's houses, it is indeed inappropriate, and the rest are within the scope of normal people's behavior. The female protagonist wants to make big things small at first, and the mentality of small things is also the normal psychology of many people. The only thing they do wrong That is, as big city people with a standard London accent, they underestimate how shameless a poor person can be. Comrades who said that the car should not be used, use your brains. At first, they thought it was a prank by the arrogant child. There are so many things to go back, the car is definitely needed, and there is a saying that the hero and heroine should start first, and think about it in real life. Killing/people is a crime/law, you meet someone who steals your wallet Is the first reaction to return the wallet or kill him? The story takes place in a small town in the mountains, but the protagonists still have to return to urban life, and the dead hand is definitely the last choice.

The protagonists are all ordinary people. They have stable jobs in big cities and are about to get married. Listening to the conversation between the male and female protagonists can tell that the female protagonist's family is also alive. At this time, no one wants to take the initiative to add any black color to their life. .

Ps: If you firmly believe that the male protagonist is at fault: ask the idiots to turn down the music/don't go around/have the demeanor of a civilized person, then please remember that those demons are at fault first, and then imagine whether you will be wrong before you propose I would like to be very cowardly. Those people are rubbish, but at first, in the eyes of the male protagonist, they were just children. He underestimated how devilish children are.

The male and female protagonists are ordinary people, not special agents or retired special forces. When they use the thinking of a gentleman to speculate on rogues, they have already lost, and what they do is only what normal people can do.

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  • Justina 2022-03-24 09:01:59

    This film can be compared with "Song of the Barbarian", and the thoughts and feelings after watching it are completely opposite.

  • Salvador 2021-12-14 08:01:17

    From the plot, I’m really stuck!!!!!!!!!! I’m sleeping at night and I’ve been thinking about how people who are pretty good can do it like this!!!! Terrible!!!!!!!!! From this point on So I have the urge to give 1 star

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