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Therese 2022-04-19 09:02:03

I was in a very good mood that day. After dinner, I was thinking of finding a thrilling thriller to enjoy. When I saw the name "Eden Lake", I immediately thought of Jason's role in Crystal in "Friday the 13th". The lake turned into a massacre of tourists who were having sex, so I slapped the table and said, "It's up to you!" Unexpectedly, after just an hour and a half, I was sitting alone in front of my desk and trembling with anger.

At the beginning of the film, the heroine and the children sing a ditty about hide-and-seek. Who would have thought that she would be caught in a bloody hide-and-seek next?

This movie is definitely one of the most uncomfortable movies I've ever seen, bar none! This discomfort does not stem from the various bloody scenes and tense atmosphere in the film, but from the indifference of the teenagers to human nature and the indifference and inaction of the parents. But after calming down, I couldn't help but admire the performance of the actor who played Brett, who perfectly presented a villain that made one's teeth itch.

The plot of the film review is actually very simple and crude: Jenny and Steve come to camp by Lake Eden, expecting to have a relaxing weekend. Unexpectedly, a group of ruffian youths came to the lake at the same time, and kept making fun of them. The group of youths got bigger and bigger, stole Steve's car keys and drove away their car. Steve angrily approached the youth for a theory. The youths do not admit that they are rogues. During the confrontation, Steve accidentally killed the young Brett's dog by mistake. The youths chased and killed the two frantically, and Steve died in the process. Jenny fled to the town, thinking she was saved, but the parents in the town grabbed her, dragged her into the bathtub and killed her because they didn't want their children to be sentenced.

Originally gave me the greatest feeling is: what kind of parents will have what kind of children. This theme was named in the broadcast at the beginning of the film

keyword "respect"

After entering the town, the male protagonist was waiting for the parking space to park, but unexpectedly a car suddenly inserted into the car and forced the parking space

The way parents educate their children here is to slap the past

When the child is playing or not sleeping, the mother slaps it directly

Hear the couple arguing next door before going to bed

In the face of other children doing bad things, people here just indifferently emphasize "not my children." Then don't ask

Lyrics to the music the townspeople listen to at the party after the heroine escapes back to the town

keyword "respect"

Parents see the heroine's ring, showing greedy eyes

Through these details, it is not difficult to see that these parents were those ruffians when they were young, ignoring human nature and being arrogant. Now they grow up, have children, educate them indifferently and rudely, and copy oneself after another, a vicious circle.


At the end of the film, the scene of a parent crying, "They're just children!" touched me deeply.

This sentence is very scary in the film, but what scares me even more is that it also appears a lot in our real life. "What do you care about with your child?" "Don't be ignorant with your child." "What kind of evil can a child have?" We have all heard a lot of words like this.

There is such a post on Zhihu. The content is that a young man was walking in the community with his wife who was five or six months pregnant after dinner. A bear child with a basketball suddenly ran over and threw the basketball at the pregnant woman’s belly. Throwing, the young man didn't react, his wife instinctively blocked, but still hit. The pregnant woman was in a bit of pain at the time, so she sat down. At this time, the bear child's grandmother came over and said that the child was ignorant and wanted to pull the bear child away. The bear child suddenly broke away from the old man's hand, picked up the basketball, and threw it at the pregnant woman. This time, the young man was ready and threw the basketball back. The bear child was hit and fell to the ground crying. At this time, the old man pulled the bear child up and accused the young man of bullying the child.

This story makes me shudder. The parent is the original, the family is the copier, and the child is the photocopy. Parents shape their children's personalities all the time. They are still children, and the child has done something wrong, and we can forgive him, but only if he gets the punishment and education he deserves, and knows what he did was wrong. Blindly defending him will only make him continue to challenge the bottom line and continue to make more outrageous behaviors. Most of the troubled youth and gangsters are born in this way.

"They are just children", this should be the biggest excuse parents have for their lack of education.

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  • Green 2022-03-29 09:01:03

    There is no pretense of innocence of children in Hollywood-style movies, but there is an extreme display of the increasingly serious juvenile delinquency in the UK, the ending that kills the last ray of hope, and the source of evil; the greatest display of terror is not in ghosts, but in vicious people.

  • Tressa 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    As a tourist, I can only warn you that the Lake District in the UK is really nothing, just as boring as in the movies. You can only pull honey to sit on the ground to bask in the sun, and you may run into hooligans, so it's better to watch the next movie at home to relieve boredom.

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  • Brett: Follow the blood!

  • Mother: Not my kids...