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Oran 2022-04-19 09:02:03

It's hard to accept that it is a group of teenagers who make the protagonist and the audience feel the horror in the thriller. After watching this movie, many adults may think of the "little ruffians" they have encountered. When encountering this group, most people should avoid them, because from the perspective of cost, "cleaning up" them The gains will outweigh the losses, or even suffer losses (the opponent's attack is not serious). In fact, the protagonist is also very restrained in his behavior, trying to avoid conflicts with the punks, but as in many situations in reality, trouble will come to the door... , and the heroine is a character who seems weak but shows fortitude in times of crisis. Under the frantic pursuit of the little gangsters, the two protagonists are like lambs falling into the wolf's mouth and will be torn to pieces at any time. In addition to the heroine who worked hard to escape and rescue her partner, there is also a character whose expressiveness has been ignored in the film, that is, the "King of Children" who looks like one wants to beat him up. He has a calculation that surpasses his peers, and a heart that is crueler than everyone: after catching the male lead, let his companions hurt him again and record a video, so as to tie them to his own destiny; instruct his companions to complete the murder; In order for the heroine to return, she can burn unrelated passersby... Of course, at the end of the story, calmly look at her wounds and delete the video on her phone. What he did was not only a disaster for the protagonist couple, but also a disaster for his companions. He is utter, inhuman, hateful. What I love most about this movie is the black-and-white plot design, and that emotionless, real feeling that gives you hope and throws you out of purgatory again. The heroine stabbed a teenager with a glass and killed a girl with a car. This kind of change in character attributes should be accepted by many audiences here. It does not advocate using good to influence evil like other movies. Yes, in the face of evil Sometimes only worse evil can solve a problem. At the end of the film, the director gave the heroine/audience two hopes, catching a passerby's car and walking into a gathering of nearby residents, but never expected that passersby and residents are relatives of the gangsters... The final outcome is of course the same Unconventional - both the protagonists die, and the villains destroy their corpses. I have always believed that the film should bear the responsibility of reflecting social problems, and the violence that does not give people a chance to show in the film reflects the deep introspection of the British film industry on the problem of juvenile delinquency. So in my opinion, the existence of such a "very poor" film is necessary. and domestic

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    Why didn't you call the phone earlier, you stupid

  • Arnold 2022-03-20 09:01:51

    1. The influence of parents on their children lies not only in words, but also in deeds; 2. Except for a scene where the heroine heals her boyfriend, you can take a breath, and the rest really have no chance to breathe. So pretty and dark enough. Is this lake really so suitable for marriage proposals? It's all so malicious, do you have to go back the next day when you're full?

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  • Brett: Follow the blood!

  • Mother: Not my kids...