Do you hate children?

Weston 2022-04-19 09:02:03

As a chasing thriller, this film doesn't have much novelty, but as far as the plot is concerned, the plot of this film is still relatively compact, with suspense and a lot of baggage. The "devils" in the film are a group of underage teenagers. The children's bad behavior is depressing. Sometimes, the children around them are really a headache. Their personalities are not fully developed, and their concepts of right and wrong are unclear. It makes it difficult to feel distant. It is worth noting that the film also ended in a gloomy and depressing atmosphere at the end, which added a lot of points to the film. In general, the quality of the movie is good, and fans who like to watch chasing horror movies can definitely use it to pass the time.

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  • Angelina 2021-12-14 08:01:17

    Fassbender’s role is too bad, don’t offend hapless children

  • Erich 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    A very real movie about juvenile delinquency, and the most abusive movie I've ever seen! It's so cruel, I can't bear to watch it a lot in the middle! Unscrupulous teenagers are indeed scary, but what is even more scary is their upbringing environment and parents. Some people say that some of the actions of the male and female protagonists have logical problems. In fact, anyone else may do it. Many details are very real, for example, the heroine escaped without saving Adam who was burned alive, etc. just because true

Eden Lake quotes

  • Brett: Follow the blood!

  • Mother: Not my kids...