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Malvina 2022-04-20 09:01:44

I was just looking for a scary movie to watch, just in case we fell asleep before the ball game, but if I know my friend found such a movie, I might as well promise him to watch Chainsaw 6...
From a few bear children At the beginning of the appearance, I had an ominous premonition. As the saying goes, no zuo no die, after the male protagonist was bullied and insulted, insisting on staying there would undoubtedly set him on fire. After a series of stupid complaints with the waiter in the small town, trespassing at the bear child's house and being scared to run away, they actually returned to the lake, which really makes people want to ask why you try.
Some people will ask, why not just confront them head-on, just a few children. First of all, these "children" are not too small, and the leader looks like a 16-year-old. Secondly, these people are all berserkers. In other words, you are fighting against a group of people who are killing you. Even if your fighting strength is overwhelming, it is difficult to face. Do you really think Fa Shark is Magneto?
Guess the hero will die, but I still underestimated the director's destructive heart. The inheritance from father to son in the general sense has become the violence of adults to take over the children, and the heroine was brutally lynched. But what's the surprise? Can you expect those parents to be good people? I figured if there were a sequel, the heroine could escape again and kill the whole town. Because these children grow up, they are nothing more than criminals who burn, kill, loot and then go to prison. You don't know when these evil seeds start to sprout and when they are watered, you only see the moment when they bloom and bear fruit, accompanied by blood all over the ground, you can't stop it at all.
I have been crawling on my Weibo for a long time, and finally I found a Weibo that was forwarded in December last year. When everyone was discussing the Chongqing child abuse case, someone PO posted the murder of two 10-year-old boys in the UK in 1993. The boy's case. After reading it, there was only one question in my mind, "Is it inherent cruelty or cruelty?"
Perhaps because I am a half pessimist, I have always believed in "human nature is inherently evil". I remember seeing a question on Zhihu some time ago, asking what is the occupation that touches the darkest side of human nature. The most popular policemen and psychiatrists, as well as kindergarten teachers, have the highest election rate. They said that many children are the most authentic The reaction, looking at it, made a cold air rise from the back.
The last mother of the movie who lost a child cries, how can you do that, they are just children. In the hearts of many people, children do not understand anything, children can be forgiven for anything they do, and children can be educated and corrected. Whenever this happens, I feel an inexplicable sense of powerlessness in my heart. Some children are born without ears, three lips, no hands and feet, and blindness in both eyes. If this kind of inborn disability appears in the heart, can it be repaired? If there is no inherent evil in human nature, why in the same divorced family, some children grow up normally, while some children become prisoners. If Harry Potter was replaced by someone else, would he also become the second Voldemort?
Yes, the family environment and parental education have a huge impact on children. I am used to watching all kinds of crime dramas, and the serial killers in it all have broken families: parents divorced, committed crimes, and died since childhood. Abused, imprisoned, sexually assaulted. They grew up with hatred and fear and hatred for the world. It's just that when the identity of the murderer is finally revealed, there will always be some people's understanding and sympathy. Perhaps, there is no answer to this question in the first place. Innate and acquired are not divided into before and after, but complement each other. After all, in the end, we only see the result.

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  • Salvador 2021-12-14 08:01:17

    From the plot, I’m really stuck!!!!!!!!!! I’m sleeping at night and I’ve been thinking about how people who are pretty good can do it like this!!!! Terrible!!!!!!!!! From this point on So I have the urge to give 1 star

  • Joanie 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    It was terrifying to watch, but I regret seeing this ending.

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  • Brett: Follow the blood!

  • Mother: Not my kids...