Everyone has his grief

Rasheed 2022-04-23 07:02:26

Everyone has his grief.
Students, teachers, principals, prostitutes, grandfathers, and others who are not named. . .
It is easy for everyone to be limited by their own roles, to oppose themselves to people other than themselves, to mourn their own sorrows, and others are useless.
In junior high school, two beautiful young female teachers came to our school, very young, in their early 20s. One of them taught us geography. At that time, the students in our class were very naughty, and the young teacher could not control these little wild horses. In class, no one listened to her not impassioned speech. There was nothing she could do about it, but she couldn't escape. So, she thought of a way, she told hers, we played ours, it didn't matter whether we listened or not, she just finished her class. So, in each class, she read the textbook from the beginning to the end, and used her own voice to act out what the textbook was, until the get out of class was over.
Was she in pain at that time, I didn't think about it at the time. Thinking about it now, even if she wanted to mess around, she would still feel sad.
To extend the time, when I was in the first and second grades of elementary school, a female teacher was beaten by her husband and had a hole in her chin. She must have been in pain at the time, but we just treated her as a joke.
The highlight of this film is that although the protagonist is a teacher, it shows the grief of the opposing roles of teachers and students. Bizarre art lovers fat girls who are not understood by their fathers, exposed girls who don't care about their bodies, students with foul-mouthed words, substitute teachers, teachers who are ignored at school and at home, teachers who read pornographic magazines, black and long straight in the teaching department Female teacher, expelled principal.
When the teacher sees unnecessary students, he will lose his temper, and he will speak violently that he cannot control. The students feel hurt and anger and leave. However, the teacher is also secretly regretting and self-defeating.
The teacher tried to quiet the students, no one listened, and the pale language was scattered in the air. He had to lie on the school's school net after class and adjust his breath. I finally managed to get over my disappointment at school, and I had to face an indifferent family member at home. He opened the cabinet door forcefully and put down the package forcefully, but there was no response at all.
In the movie, the role of parent is absent, absent from the camera, in the plot, and in the parent-teacher meeting.
Of course, parents have their grief too. Such as unemployment, such as an affair, such as divorce.
Like the "sing street" I watched yesterday.
By the way, there is also an uneducated church school in this film, and the students keep fighting. Facing disobedient students, an aging teacher numbs the classroom with alcohol. But the students were not having a good time. One bullied the weak students in the school and had to serve an irritable father after returning home.
Life is fair, and its fairness lies in the fact that no one can escape, whether poor or rich, healthy or ill, they have to face all kinds of problems in life all their lives.
From this perspective, I seem to understand a little bit of those who choose to be ordained.

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  • Haylee 2021-12-18 08:01:09

    When the movie was all finished, the theater lights turned on. At that moment, I even felt that the air in this place with thousands of people was condensed. Everyone was breathing carefully, and was deeply shocked by the despair.

  • Kristy 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    The soul is trapped in an empty shell, like brothers and sisters in "The Fall of Usher", scratching the lid of the coffin and longing for detachment. It may seem like the preaching of the times, but it is the most blatantly true. Since the essence of education is to think independently, it should be clear why to think. Now that you know the fallacy, you should stop believing the lies.

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