Felipe 2022-04-20 09:01:44

I finally decided to give this movie four stars because it frightened my fragile little heart in the big night. For a happy life, please watch it after being fully prepared.
The most terrifying thing about this movie is that the protagonist's halo was turned into scum by a group of bear children in seconds, which made people have to re-evaluate the children's fighting ability. Of course, this is also a relatively anti-routine movie. For example, when encountering a group of bear children with a high risk factor, the male and female protagonists wait for it, and after being frightened by a group of bear children, they actually believe in a weaker-looking child. , So she was trapped back to the forest of death to continue playing the battle royale. The heroine finally found a chance to survive. She saw another child and killed it decisively. As a result, the last one might save her life. My child was silenced, and finally I saw a group of adults who thought they could make sense, but they were killed instead. It's really... Forgive me for the strangeness of my brain, but I felt an out of place funny in the horror.
But I think the most worth mentioning of this movie is its name—Lake Eden—named Eden, which is hell. Brilliant irony.
It's just a group of children, is it really capable of pulling Eden to hell? I really can't give an answer. In all fairness, under normal circumstances, we probably won't meet such a group of superb children. If we meet one or two, we won't be reduced to lambs to be slaughtered when we are adults. There is still a certain degree of safety in life. guaranteed. But from the time I was a toddler to now, I did encounter bear children, and most of the people around me had a past that had to be said with bear children - such as school bullying. Today, I recall the bullying I have encountered, seen, and participated in on campus. I can laugh at those who have hurt me, and I am willing to apologize to those who may have been hurt by me, but every time I think about it When I got up, the malice from the children made me shudder even more.
I dare not say that every child has encountered bullying and harm, and our campus environment is certainly not as terrible as Eden Lake, but I still can't say that the sun is shining and the spring breeze is blowing inside the ivory tower. In the world I have seen and heard, I have found that more often than not, children who have not yet grown up have the ability to hold together for warmth before they have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. In those young minds, the belief of surrendering to authority is often better than The belief in fighting alone is firm. Sin is more subduing than good, and it only takes one child to take the lead and there is a whole group.
The children's constant pranks and the man's mistakenly killing a dog, I can't judge which is more extreme, but such a trivial matter has become the fuse of murder, and it is torture. I don't know if this is out of human nature, although I don't want to believe it, but almost every group has marginalized people, they are the aliens in the crowd, attacking and hurting them to unite others, And some of these people didn't even do anything wrong.
When I watched the movie, I felt an indescribable fear, it was a chill that came from the depths of my bones, and there were two episodes that even made me cry - one was the children killing the male protagonist, the other one. One knife, the other is that the little leader of the children kills the betrayers among them. For the stability of the group, let everyone become a participant, become an executioner, use blood as a pretext, and directly destroy the unwillingness. It is really witty. creepy. And such a thing, after weakening and beautifying, can happen at any time.
I think this movie may be hyperbole, maybe crazy, but it's also asking us a question - does it really matter what kids are thinking? I don't know if all of us have a period of teenage desperately hoping to mature, and then looking forward to the process of eternal youth forever, but I'm really afraid of stepping into Eden unknowingly, probably regardless of age , Every independent soul needs to be taken seriously. If you want the movie to be just a movie, you should probably start from the doll.

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