ugly human nature

Sincere 2022-04-20 09:01:44

I started watching this film at eleven or twelve in the evening, looking for the excitement that horror films can give, but in the end, it became a reflection on human nature and the current situation of Chinese society.

In ghost movies, there are always protagonists who run, run, run and finally run out of the haunted house, only to find that they just ran into the plight of a bigger haunted house. When the fire of hope burns, the protagonist has survival in his eyes. At this moment, he found that he had not escaped from the clutches, and had to burn out.

More terrifying than ghost movies are people. There are many details in this movie that show the indifference, corruption and ugliness of humanity in this town. Dad's domineering appearance, to the last scene of a group of middle-aged people drinking naked in a bubble bath, the atmosphere of this town is all filled with a stagnant alcohol smell. Men and women have a tendency to drink alcohol and violence, and they don't even notice their children. Don't ask, as soon as I get home, I yell at the little brat to come out quickly, and help them cover up if they make a mistake.

When Brett was hysterically thinking of killing all the fugitives, his expression horrified me, what kind of hatred can make a person want to stab or burn someone alive, his hatred may not be hatred, in the end In fact, I understand that he is so weak and cautious in front of his violent father, which also shows that he is often the target of his father's violence at home, which leads to him inheriting such violent emotions to vent his dissatisfaction.

The last scream of the heroine was really heart-wrenching. After running for so many days, when the hope of survival was burning to the strongest, when she finally found the burden of her conscience, regardless of the life and death of any child, she only escaped to the town by herself. When she was going up, she suddenly found herself in the tiger's den, and I couldn't help but want to be in it and help her think of a way. I could really find that she was helpless, she was defenseless against a bunch of fat and rotten people, even if she ran away. After going out to the police station, the police station may not not protect the children in their town, and this kind of interest relationship may not exist.

The most terrifying thing is that when the crime (Bright kills or his dad is going to kill the heroine) happens, there is always someone around to stop and say "Forget it, she is like this", and the perpetrator is always able to put himself Willingness to be above others, that's how this town does things, maybe sometimes it's just a small evil thing, but if everyone is forced to do it, it becomes the beginning of hell.

This movie is indeed too depressing to watch. I really want to jump into the movie and pinch all these children to death. I saw that the director gave me the most depressing ending at the end. It seems that there is no way to vent the anger. It is also a place for people to think about. Isn't this the current situation of many Chinese societies. Things fabricated by three people can easily kill people. The powerful zhengzhi has made many people dumb and hard to say. And more people are just under pressure to become accomplices of this kind of power.

good movie.

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  • Alvina 2022-03-23 09:02:01

    "They are just children" how can there be so many beautiful fairy tales, human nature is sinister. ★★★☆

  • Shemar 2021-12-14 08:01:17

    1 Thousands of words are turned into a "fuck", let those who are interested in writing film reviews analyze it. 2 The difference between barbarism and civilization is obvious and not easy to explain. 3 What kind of environment cultivates what kind of person, and they can symbiosis with each other. 4 Thousands of horror and bloody films, not as good as the one in Lake Eden, torment the heart.

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