From the point of view of a sadistic film, it is simply a masterpiece! ! ! (Those with poor psychological tolerance should be careful!)

Jamil 2022-04-21 09:02:17

Seeing that many netizens wrote film reviews and scolded the director, in fact, we look back and think that only children who have been deeply abused would make such remarks. This shows the success of this abusive film from another perspective!
We say that a good tragedy is to smash and show you the things you think are the most beautiful, so as a sadistic film, not only must it meet the above requirements, but the logic must also make you contradictory, how to make you feel depressed and tangled. There is enviable love in the film, a pure female preschool education (heroine) and a sunny male protagonist, but the devil who shreds all this life turned out to be a group of adolescent teenagers.
The director cleverly used a psychological gap. Our subconscious may have already accepted the bloodthirsty demon as the core of the thriller. However, when this role is given to children, our psychology begins to contradict. The most commendable thing is the film's The description is very realistic. The cowardly but cruel portrayal of the children makes us feel real. The tragic and irreversible encounters of the hero and heroine also make the hope that we have been holding on to fail. , but makes us feel real, maybe life is fragile, and miracles have not come.
As for the things that make people reflect, I can only say that a certain shadow in the current society has been enlarged, and the others, let a thousand people have a thousand Hamlets in their hearts. Lastly, let’s
talk about the feelings, er, physiological feelings, the abdomen is slightly burning Pain, really cruel~

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  • Linnea 2022-03-21 09:02:01

    The film is a little cruel, and educates us: stay away from bear children, because their parents are more terrifying!

  • Clare 2021-12-14 08:01:17

    This is really the scariest movie I have ever watched. It's too close to reality so it's scary. In my opinion, the actor’s reaction is basically normal. Helpless, these ignorant and fearless teenagers are really the most terrifying.

Eden Lake quotes

  • Steve: I promise, the quarry's fucking stunning.

    Jenny: The quarry is stunning. No 'fucking'.

    Steve: [getting closer to her] Please, miss.

  • Brett: Follow the blood!