Give up instinct and choose cowardice? Lord, you should fight bravely

Amy 2022-04-21 09:02:17

The male protagonist's mistake is that he didn't persevere. He subdued the little hooligan like a man. Civilization made him turn his back on his masculine instinct to fight, cowardly put down the knife, and ran away!

Violence is sometimes necessary. When the male protagonist kills the dog, although he is obviously inferior in number, he has the upper hand in terms of strength and experience. If the male protagonist resolutely subdues the children's heads or threatens them at this time, instead of throwing down the knife and fleeing weakly, causing a car accident and injury, the result will not be like this. Why did the screenwriter create a car accident to get the male protagonist arrested? Because that group of teenagers simply had no strength to defeat the male protagonist who wanted to fight.

What the male protagonist regrets most should be that he failed to fight like a lion and use his own strength to protect his beloved woman.

In addition, there are many loopholes in the plot. The male protagonist threw away the knife that killed the dog instead of leaving to defend himself. The woman did not know how to call the police, and a few children with good intentions would not go home. When the little black boy was burned to death, the heroine's unbearable heart was too fake. She was tortured to kill her favorite boyfriend just now, and she was abused in a bad way. What do you want to see most at this time? Of course they kill each other! I can't stand a fart!

Treat civilization with civilization, but when the heart is full of hatred, go to his civilization! We are all descendants of the victors in violent battles, and there are genes of hatred, revenge and fighting in our blood!

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  • Margot 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    Too good, too good, the director's handling and grasp of the atmosphere is really amazing.

  • Rubie 2022-03-27 09:01:08

    After watching it, it's really fucking depressing, and sure enough, the child can't be messed with, the death of Fa Sha is really fucking heart-wrenching, and the ending is really fucking heartbreaking.

Eden Lake quotes

  • Steve: I promise, the quarry's fucking stunning.

    Jenny: The quarry is stunning. No 'fucking'.

    Steve: [getting closer to her] Please, miss.

  • Brett: Follow the blood!