This reminds me of a murder when I was a kid

Amy 2022-04-21 09:02:17

I was in elementary school at the time, and this happened to a middle school near my home.

A male student was addicted to the game room, spent all his money, skipped classes to steal, and stole from a family downstairs. The boy turned in from the patio to steal something, and was discovered by the old lady of the family. The old lady may have been very annoyed at the time and said she should go to the police or tell her parents or something. Because the neighbors knew each other, the boy was afraid or annoyed, so he killed the old lady.

When the old lady's husband came home and found blood all over the floor, the old lady was already dead.

The case was solved quickly. When the police arrived at the boy's house, the boy was still washing the school uniform, the bloody school uniform.

Later, the boy's classmates thought that the boy was wronged and went to the police station to justify it. I believe that this boy usually has a good impression on his classmates.

Looking at Eden Lake now, I think those people, whether we are young or grown up, will deviate from the trajectory of life if we are not careful. You must encounter a specific environment to know that you are actually not as strong as you think. I have seen Yang Jiang walking on the edge of life. There is such a meaning in it, which can be roughly expressed: people can maintain various noble morals in a good environment, but it is more difficult to behave in a harsh environment, so in a harsh environment It is really valuable and difficult to have people with good quality.

It is said that in order to prevent the old lady from telling the story of his intention to steal, the boy killed the old lady and cut off the old lady's throat.

I thought it was incredible at the time, but in many cases, I accidentally strayed.

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  • Zack 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    I can't stand it anymore, it's unbearable. One "Confession", one "Eden Lake", people have a lot of doubts about the law on the protection of minors

  • Maxwell 2022-03-23 09:02:01

    How important education is, it is never the child who is at fault

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