The fault of not teaching

Jada 2022-04-21 09:02:17

A couple of boyfriend and girlfriend from London come to a strange town for vacation, and the male protagonist plans to propose marriage here. But it was ruined by some rude kids in town, and even lost his life in the end.
It is true that the male protagonist is very stupid one after another. From the beginning, he chose to ignore the little boy being bullied by others, "just boy being boys", and later, the car was stolen and chose to solve it by himself, until he finally lost his life.
The hero and heroine are so stupid, naive and self-righteous.
But it is the parents of the children who really make it all happen.
Just like what the director wants to express is what the male and female protagonists play on the radio when they are on the road: let parents learn how to be parents. A very urgent matter, an issue that even started in 2005.
For evil to take root, it needs a seed.
The seeds come from the parents.

The end of the radio broadcast heralded the beginning of the tragedy of the hero and heroine.

Regardless of whether you choose to ignore the atrocity or promote the beginning of the atrocity, you will eventually be swallowed by this quagmire and suffer the consequences. Like the hero and heroine and the rude adult parents who lost their children.

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Extended Reading
  • Salvador 2021-12-14 08:01:17

    From the plot, I’m really stuck!!!!!!!!!! I’m sleeping at night and I’ve been thinking about how people who are pretty good can do it like this!!!! Terrible!!!!!!!!! From this point on So I have the urge to give 1 star

  • Joanie 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    It was terrifying to watch, but I regret seeing this ending.

Eden Lake quotes

  • Brett: Follow the blood!

  • Mother: Not my kids...