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Carter 2022-04-21 09:02:17

I can't remember why this movie was added at the time. Maybe I like to watch ghost movies and I want to watch it when I see such a dark picture. Movies are often 90 minutes long, the normal rhythm of a thriller, but there is no sign of a third of the time, no doors closed without wind, no neurotic old ladies and old men appear, and lively bars and indulgent villagers. The only things that appear more meaningful are a few shots of couples peeking out of the woods.

In the next hour, I almost covered my mouth several times, not because of the scary images, really, there were no scary images at all, just a group of demented children.

Having said so much, let me tell you the outline of the story. A couple went on vacation to Lake Eden and met a group of arrogant and unreasonable boys and girls. Who knew that the murderous children were not only playing tricks of stealing car keys, wallets, and driving a jeep, but they wanted to torture the couple to death, cut the couple with knives and burn them, and the hero was tortured to death, The heroine escaped and came back. In the process, the dark side of human nature broke out and killed two of the children. She came to the previous bar. At first, a group of adults who were having fun wanted to call an ambulance for her, but later found out that this was about to happen. When the collapsed heroine turns out to be the murderer of their child, the movie stops abruptly.

To be honest, I was in a panic, and the thing I wanted to do most at this moment was probably to find someone to fight. To say that this film reminds me of something, there is nothing more than "Battle Royale". The same ugly side of human nature is shown by the director's blood and blood, and suddenly I feel that the gods, ghosts and monsters are really cute.

I remembered chatting with two friends in a coffee shop about having children in the future, and I remember expressing the view that if my children are still in public on the basis that education is useless Loud and playful, or even ramming other people, I don't hesitate to fight. I have always believed that it was these Chinese people who used the loudest decibels in foreign countries to make people disgusting, and cultivated little devils who used public places as their own stage.

Don't talk to me about "human nature is inherently good", I think it is probably this "sex goodness theory" that has become a generation after generation of parents, who regard it as a sword of Shang Fang. Since then, they can ignore the contempt of passers-by and allow the streets and alleys of this city to be your children's. back yard.

There are countless such cases on Weibo. Some of them performed in front of the movie screen for two hours and their parents recorded videos. Some of them were playing at KFC and pulling off other people's skirts. Slap is right, it's me, will do the same.

I say dear parents, you think your children are really angels, not a vicious Satan, you say this every time, our children are just naughty and can't do bad things, how bad can the bad go. So your child "grew up" under your blessing. One day he did such a cruel thing. I think your reaction was not to send him to a juvenile correctional center, but to ask your grandfather to tell your grandma. Extrajudicial grace. Trust me, you absolutely will.

In fact, when the movie was about to end, the heroine cleverly drove away and ran into one of the girls when the car was speeding by. I believe she has revenge in it, but I took a breath after seeing this, and then Immediately reviewing this kind of using evil to defeat evil is really pleasing and my dark side came out, but then when I found out that those adults were covering up and conniving to kill the heroine without asking whether it was right or not, I thought that "using evil to defeat evil" was not a bad strategy.

There is also a similar movie "Confession", the plot will not be described, but it is not blocked after watching it, there is a feeling of joy, who stipulates that adults can bear the pain and pain, and children's faults are should be forgiven?

I don't agree. It is very stupid and ridiculous to use eighteen years to classify a person who is not an adult. Even if you are eighteen and well-developed, it does not mean that you are a human animal. There has never been a saying that "he will understand when he grows up" in education. Many things are connected little by little with age, and parents' words and deeds are also extremely important. If your parents are kind, motivated, and shameless adults, I don't think their children will go too far and walk on the fringes of society.

So I want to ask the parents who spit, stop driving, and find relationships with their children through the back door, why do you spend so much money on TOEFL, IELTS, and famous schools that they think they have cultivated social elites. In fact, they are just like you. animal with a gold necklace. That's all.

Maybe I don't do much of the angry youth this time, and I don't know why I am filled with righteous indignation today. You can comment on me later and say "wash and sleep." I don't mind at all, I just want to express such an opinion, don't blame me This society is like a stinky ditch, because it stinks, so I don’t mind making it even more stinky, no matter if you’re a nouveau riche parent who drives a good car and lives in a mansion or a parent who lives at the bottom with bailouts, Since you know that this world is chaotic, please give your children some of the cultivation and morality they should have. There is no very good person, and please don't be a very bad person.

"Don't do evil for small things." If you believe in traditional culture, then practice this sentence as if you believe in "human nature is inherently good".

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  • Destany 2022-03-29 09:01:03

    How can there be such a cruel child! Can't understand.

  • Carroll 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    Thousands of words turned into one sentence! 2013.11.8

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