Looking very depressed. . .

Sandra 2022-04-21 09:02:17

1. The first thirty minutes are slow. . But the next hour looked very nervous. . . I almost cried when the fart child abused the heroine's boyfriend. . . There were times when I wanted to just give up and watch it. . .
2. I don't understand why the little kids are so blindly obedient to the leader of that group. . . Especially in the middle of the female lead after pulling out the sharp weapon that stabbed on the shoe. To that one looks very well-behaved. dark skin. When a boy with black hair called for help. a did not participate in the killing process and was not a member of that group. Logically, he can call to save the heroine without any scruples. But it seems that just because I want to join that group, I am looking for those perverted children. As a result, after the heroine escaped, she was used as a bargaining chip to threaten the heroine and then she would be burned to death. . In the end, of course you are stupid. .
3. Although the heroine killed two little kids. . . But the most important leader has no chance to kill. . it's a pity. .
4. In the end, the heroine was helplessly killed by the parents of the little fart children. . Ugh. But it was much better than her boyfriend. . . Adults at least start with measure. There are also clear reasons (although the reasons are also blind and partial. Just for those gangsters who don't play with fire today and will change for fire tomorrow) if they want to kill you, they really only kill you. I won't have the heart to slowly play with you and kill you. The heroine finally screamed for a while and went silent.
And what about the male lead? He was meowing slowly and slashing here and there. . Even the mouth is cut. . Still recording low. . After the cut, they all bleed black and died before they saw the intestines. . In the end, he was injured and the heroine came to an affectionate confession before he could die. . . (Fortunately, it wasn't in front of that group of fart kids to die in front of)
5. Is the expression of pursed mouth in the last scene of fart child b guilty? I hope it will be. . .

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  • Dora 2022-03-27 09:01:08

    Qingshan Xiushui out of troublesome people

  • Sherwood 2021-12-14 08:01:17

    1. Never go to the remote mountains and old forests; 2. When you go out, you must bring a life-saving and self-defense thing; 3. Always keep your mobile phone able to talk; 4. When you become a prey, you must fight back. Ruthless, you have to drag a few backs to die; 5. Flee desperately, flee desperately, the farther you escape, the better, you can escape from birth; 6. Human nature is evil.

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  • Brett: Follow the blood!

  • Mother: Not my kids...