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Joey 2022-04-22 07:01:31

Watching a group of people on the Internet scold these children, I wanted to scold them too, but I couldn't help but try to distinguish right from wrong.
Eden Lake conflict, let’s talk about the couple’s arrival in Eden Lake, obviously for vacation. These children were born and lived here, and they have long regarded it as their back garden. You and a couple are obviously here for vacation. Let me ask you, are you comfortable if your friends have sex in your house without your consent? After that, the boy's dog harassed the female protagonist, and the male protagonist went to reason and said, "Dude, your dog has harassed my girlfriend." The video shows that the boy loves his dog very much. What you said is indeed reasonable. But the first chat is to say that the other thing you love is too bad, scary, it seems a little wrong, and the first image is already engraved in other minds. When we chat now and see other people's dogs or naughty children, it's good to say, it seems that the male protagonist has some problems in communication. Although you drop your body to negotiate with the boy, you are doing it the wrong way.
Then the boys went to deflate his tires, and you went to town hoping to talk to the parents, which I think was right. After all, it's often better between adults. After all, children are much simpler than parents. It's too one-sided. To put it bluntly, any child is a single-minded animal. If you are in your hometown, you may prefer to communicate with you and listen to your opinions. But because of weakness, he ran away.
Conflict in the woods. On the basis of lack of education, stealing all the protagonist's items is wrong, but if it is regarded as a prank and play, and the child's playfulness, I think it is understandable. After all, it is. But how did the subsequent conflict kill the dog? In this process, the one who hated the most was the boy in white who asked for the knife. For the sake of his existence, he asked for the knife, causing casualties.
Murder the male protagonist. This process is the most abusive I have ever seen. After I beat the male lead, I am afraid of revenge, and I only have one-time and never-ending troubles. Forcing other boys to stab the male protagonist like him. What is even more terrifying is forcing the timid Adam to set fire to it, which makes no sense in an instant.
In the end, the boy's father wanted to kill the heroine, but I watched it openly. After all, to protect the son, only after the heroine dies, everything will not be discovered. The male protagonist put on his sunglasses and smiled. This is what I hate the most. The male protagonist is just to vent his anger and fear, but the dog you love has also lost his life, and the girlfriend you loved in front of you has left you. You like it Has it become a dog?

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  • Zack 2022-03-28 09:01:03

    I can't stand it anymore, it's unbearable. One "Confession", one "Eden Lake", people have a lot of doubts about the law on the protection of minors

  • Maxwell 2022-03-23 09:02:01

    How important education is, it is never the child who is at fault

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  • Brett: Follow the blood!

  • Mother: Not my kids...