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The school's screening hall always has movie ticket prices that amaze students. You can always watch the blockbuster just released for one or two yuan, and it is genuine. It is said that such a ticket price will also be included in the box office, which makes us really excited. One eight. So I go to the movies every weekend to pass the time.
Sometimes old movies are shown, but people still watch them.
I don't know when "World Trade Center" was made, and I don't know anything about it. When the plane crashed into this building, I was concentrating on preparing for the senior high school entrance examination. It had been a few days until the news, and I didn't feel deeply about it.
The film tells the whole process of this incident, but the viewing angle is the two policemen involved in the rescue. It's a very plain technique, without modification. I heard from my classmates that the actors here are the prototypes in life. But it's really shocking. Seeing the tears, the essential emotion of a simple person at a critical juncture is displayed in a simple way of natural de-carving, which is naturally revealed.
Life is like this, a turn, a word, an action, may change a person's life. When the captain said that he was going to save people from the building, five police officers walked out. None of them would have thought that the Twin Towers would collapse, and only two people came out in the end. When he kindly helped Gumel to push the cart at the same time, he would not have thought that the person in this seat would die in the next second; When he begged him to stay, he would not have thought that the impending explosion would make him stay here forever.
When Gummel and John were buried in the rubble and desperately waiting for rescue, there was really only survival left in life at that time, and everything from fame, desire, and money was really as light as a feather and useless.
Pain is a joy, because you are in pain, you are alive, and life is really that simple.
Pain and happiness!

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    crying in the cinema

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    Good subject matter, good angle of view, but the shooting is not satisfactory, and some parts are actually handled quite poorly. Compared to another 9/11-related film of the same yearIt's so dramatic that the real events appear distorted

World Trade Center quotes

  • Will Jimeno: Where did that wind come from all the sudden, Sarge?

    John McLoughlin: I don't know.

    Will Jimeno: The fire just goes out like that, Sarge! Why is that?

    John McLoughlin: I don't know!

    Will Jimeno: You're not a big talker, are you?

    John McLoughlin: No!

    Will Jimeno: Well gee, you gotta talk to me 'cause...

    John McLoughlin: Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhh! Aah! I can't 'cause my knees are crushed again! That's why I can't fucking talk!

  • Dominick Pezzulo: Willie, I can't get this off of you...

    Will Jimeno: Don't leave me, Dom! Keep trying! Please, keep trying!

    Dominick Pezzulo: [Nods] Okay.