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The beginning of the morning was no different than usual. The sun rises from the light blue sky with red-orange edges, the fish market opens early, young people walk the streets with golden retrievers, and the radio host is happily saying "good morning" - and the hero, the New York Police Department A police officer, driving his car on his way to work.

Seven police officers entered the World Trade Center with tools. Before anyone could be rescued, they were already crushed into rubble by the collapsed building. When he opened his eyes again, there was only Zun, and James Nuo (later called Willie), who looked a little timid, and he was unfortunately killed by a concrete block that collapsed again when rescuing James Nuo. when. And when before he died, he remembered shooting outside and calling for help - for his two companions.

Don't tell me that 911 is the retribution of the American people, that Xiaobu asked for such nonsense. In my understanding, everyone is flesh and blood, and people will feel pain and fear, and they look the same as themselves. I can't bear to feel such great grief and despair, and I don't believe anyone would be able to rejoice in such a situation.

Zun has always been a man of forbearance. Since being crushed into the ruins, he rarely groaned and roared. The most uncontrollable thing was when his knee was crushed and Willy kept asking him why he didn't shout. His angry roar was really useful. Roaring with all his strength, it was actually very loud. I actually wanted to laugh, but there were still tears in the corners of my eyes, and I felt like a fool.

Willie's daughter was only six or seven years old, and his wife, Alysanne, was pregnant with a child. When his father-in-law received the news, he rushed to his house and hugged Arisa in the toilet who was vomiting because of her emotional instability. When the latter cried and asked "how to tell my daughter about my father's death", I didn't know how to cry. How to describe how you feel. Zun has a lot of children in his family, and his blond wife is very beautiful. When the second uncle came to report the letter, the woman bluntly told him not to get close to her. That kind of instinctive resistance and resistance to bad news made me feel close to me, okay pain.

Willy and Zun recalled all the things before the collapse in the ruins, if Anton and Willy switched places, if they didn't stay to help Willy out of trouble, if Keith didn't come in, if...if...if...if...if, Zun Did not bring everyone in. There are so many ifs, in fact, it can only be an if, and there will be nothing else. Zun asked Willy why they wanted to follow, Willy replied, "I want to follow the most capable person", a sentence that made Zun "sarcastic" painful and embarrassing. Although, he didn't really think about it that way.

It was a catastrophe, a man-made, cruel, sad, catastrophe. unavoidable.

Carnes and Thomas are two very brave soldiers. When the official request to suspend the search and rescue, they went to the ruins of the World Trade Center alone in the middle of the night. It was not just courage. It was the two of them who discovered the troubled Willy and Zun. I admire their wisdom and bravery very much, which is not something ordinary people want to have.

At this point, one thing I have to compare is that on May 12, Premier Wen went directly to the disaster area within two hours, but Xiao Bu dared not even reveal his whereabouts, and was running around in that shitty Air Force One. , just for your own safety. I don't want to discuss the power gap between the two countries, or how our sons and daughters are stronger and braver than those American soldiers - that's not what I want to say the most. What I want to say most is that I really sincerely BS you, you stupid little cloth!

At the end of the film, Dang Zun was successfully carried out of the ruins in the morning light, Dang Zun and his wife met in the corridor of the hospital, when Ya Lishan and her family walked through the photo wall full of inspiration for finding people, and Dang Zun and her family met. One of the team members said with a choked voice, "There are thousands of people inside, what should we do, where are they buried?" When two years later they "gathered" with other survivors at the memorial meeting, the slow and low soundtrack made people feel My heart is full of heaviness and pain, and it also carries countless expectations for the future and family.

At the end of this article, allow me to conclude with the paragraph at the end of the video:

2,749 people died in the World Trade Center, with 87 different nationalities.
343 New York firefighters, 84 Port Authority employees, 34 of them police officers.
Of another 23 NYPD officers, only 20 were rescued.
Willie and Zun are the 18th and 19th.
In 13 days, Willie underwent eight surgeries.
Zun was in a coma for 6 weeks and underwent 27 surgeries during this period. The
two have retired from active duty police service and live with their families in New York and New Jersey.
David Carnes has returned to the Marine Corps and served in Iraq for two terms
. Pian Xian and Hong Kong Authority police officers who died on the line.

PS: Moulan watched the Cantonese version of the subtitles, so the translation is a bit "funny", please forgive me.

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  • Hermann 2022-03-26 09:01:08

    Good subject matter, good angle of view, but the shooting is not satisfactory, and some parts are actually handled quite poorly. Compared to another 9/11-related film of the same yearIt's so dramatic that the real events appear distorted

  • Hilbert 2021-12-26 08:01:13

    For the glory of humanity~~

World Trade Center quotes

  • Will Jimeno: Where did that wind come from all the sudden, Sarge?

    John McLoughlin: I don't know.

    Will Jimeno: The fire just goes out like that, Sarge! Why is that?

    John McLoughlin: I don't know!

    Will Jimeno: You're not a big talker, are you?

    John McLoughlin: No!

    Will Jimeno: Well gee, you gotta talk to me 'cause...

    John McLoughlin: Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhh! Aah! I can't 'cause my knees are crushed again! That's why I can't fucking talk!

  • Dominick Pezzulo: Willie, I can't get this off of you...

    Will Jimeno: Don't leave me, Dom! Keep trying! Please, keep trying!

    Dominick Pezzulo: [Nods] Okay.