American genius! creative!

Casey 2022-04-20 09:01:58

I am afraid that the ultimate purpose of the film and even 9/11 is that the retired Marines will rejoin the army and join the Iraq War at the end. The family unity shown in the film makes the image of Americans and the US government extremely positive! This is the purpose is the central idea!
There is a popular saying on the Internet that 9/11 was entirely directed by the US government, and 9/11 itself is the biggest and most realistic movie! And the ratings are the highest ever! The effect is also the most realistic! The best movie ever! There are more big-budget movies in Hollywood, and the US government's handwriting is bigger and more imaginative! With the lives of thousands of people in several planes and two buildings, the Americans can be united at an unprecedented level, and the contradictions at home have been successfully turned to foreign countries, and they are united to the outside world! This movie is brilliant!
Looking at the movie "World Trade Center" again, Americans seem to have a very different way of thinking and doing things than ours. Those police officers looked heroic, but no one wanted to go. Before going in to save people, they asked for advice and asked for volunteers, and then they prepared equipment. Delaying time; in the end, he reluctantly walked into the scene slowly, and finally delayed until they didn't need their rescue but waited for rescue. Waiting for rescue is more difficult than rescuing others, so they successfully waited for someone else's rescue, and because of this more hard work, they became even greater heroes!
Hahaha. . . . . Have to admire the creativity of Americans! Both the literary and political circles are so creative!

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  • Rylan 2021-12-26 08:01:13

    The fact is that I saw most of them go to bed

  • Bill 2022-03-25 09:01:11

    The movie is so-so, still very moving

World Trade Center quotes

  • Will Jimeno: Where did that wind come from all the sudden, Sarge?

    John McLoughlin: I don't know.

    Will Jimeno: The fire just goes out like that, Sarge! Why is that?

    John McLoughlin: I don't know!

    Will Jimeno: You're not a big talker, are you?

    John McLoughlin: No!

    Will Jimeno: Well gee, you gotta talk to me 'cause...

    John McLoughlin: Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhh! Aah! I can't 'cause my knees are crushed again! That's why I can't fucking talk!

  • Dominick Pezzulo: Willie, I can't get this off of you...

    Will Jimeno: Don't leave me, Dom! Keep trying! Please, keep trying!

    Dominick Pezzulo: [Nods] Okay.