The decline of artistic style

Kaya 2022-04-20 09:01:58

Unparalleled Disappointment
This is the least Oliver Stone work of Oliver Stone
Theme + Courage + Humanity + Family + Ordinary + Individual + Family Ending
That's what this movie is all about
but these themes and The elements have not been well mixed , and there have
been frequent disconnects between the succession and the transformation. The narrative with the two police officers waiting to be rescued as the main line is bluntly added to the background reports, civilian family drip watch and other branches. These branches should and must be expressed, but the expression method has fallen into The swamp of propositional composition
It is true that it takes courage to make a 911-drop themed propositional composition, but what this courage brings to Stone is an unrecognizable change. The film finally presents the loss of creative artistic style.
I don't know if this shooting is an adventure or a flattery for Stone, but it has nothing to do with paying attention to the courage and humanity of ordinary individuals. What
is dangerous is that: through the role of the retired Marine in the film, Stone has completed the pursuit of himself. Adhere to anti-war reflection and the subversion of political skepticism, and became the spokesman of the Republican Party and Bush.
So far, I don't want to say

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  • Van 2022-03-25 09:01:11

    It stabbed the sore spots of the old beauties fiercely, thank you very much, it should actually be a good movie

  • Krista 2022-03-27 09:01:12

    Some parts were really moving, especially the real laughter that day when Hermino was discovered.

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