brilliance in ruins

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It was an unexpected disaster, and no one expected that someone would attack the World Trade Center in a suicidal way.
The date Americans will never forget, September 11, 2001.

That morning, all the citizens went about their daily activities, going to work, going to school, everything was so peaceful, maybe the saying was right: the eve of a storm is always quiet.
When the first plane hit the Twin Towers, it heralded the beginning of the disaster, and people in New York panicked. When rescuers from all walks of life arrived, it had become half hell.
Blood, stones, rescuers, that there is not everything in hell.
The whole building has become precarious, and people's psychology has become precarious, and they, as police officers, have to walk in without hesitation.

In the open space in the middle of the twin towers, there were many wounded and medical staff sitting. Then, without any precautions, another accident, a man-made accident, the ground shook, and the wounded in the open space became dead without even the consciousness of fleeing. And those who were being evacuated also became the dead along with those who died after a loud bang, and were buried under the rubble.
The five-person rescue team was lucky, they were close to the elevator shaft and had a good captain, but only three survived, five died and two died, which is already a huge number.
In fact, Dom can leave, and I thought he would, but he didn't. Under Willy's begging, he didn't abandon his two teammates, but in that kind of environment, under that kind of ruins, people who can move are the most dangerous. Yes, because there is no cover, and another shock, even the last person who can move dies. Before he died, he took out his pistol. I thought he wanted to end his life, but he was wrong again, he just wanted to send Sounds a little louder, and I'm starting to think, am I thinking too much about the human mind?
The bright spot twenty feet from Willy was in ruins.

One third of the protagonist of the film was buried, and I was a little puzzled as to how to finish the other two thirds, but it did, with people's fears and worries, the love that came out of it, and the two in the ruins. The immortal light of life, this film goes on bit by bit.

As time passed, the ruins were covered with dust, and the gray area seemed to be the end of the world. Perhaps, as the sergeant said, God used dust to cover things that they could not accept.
Interception points were set up around the collapsed Twin Towers. They were not stopped by sad family members, but by people who wanted to go in and search for their lives. In their words, it was because their brothers were still inside, but reality did not allow them to take risks. It is dark, and time has become the most ruthless killer.
Fear, worry, and grief are on the horizon for the victims and the families of those who have entered the mansion with unknown life and death, and the play highlights John and Willy's wives, two women, confronting a family who has temporarily lost her husband, The news of life and death has different expressions, but they all start from the same starting point - love for her husband.

Willy's family is happy and harmonious, so it's not hard to imagine her wife's demise when she learns that Willy is buried under the rubble, but John's family is not, and he and his wife are a little out of touch.
Maybe it's really like what Dora said when John was half unconscious, many couples are like them.
In fact, sometimes, should you take your marriage seriously and count the happiness and love scattered all over the place?
I don't know if it will be the moment of separation and death. I think they may live like this for the rest of their lives. In fact, they still love each other very much, whether it's John or Dora, or they love each other very much.

After the disaster, the two men each injured a leg, but because of their strong will, they won back their family happiness and their lives.
I think the most unforgettable love is probably the one that can help you fight when you are in trouble, and the person you love the most is probably the one who can give you motivation when you are most helpless.
The love that can truly make a couple enter marriage is a belief that even death cannot take away.

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    The background of the story is well known, the actors are also good, and the shots are good.

World Trade Center quotes

  • Will Jimeno: Where did that wind come from all the sudden, Sarge?

    John McLoughlin: I don't know.

    Will Jimeno: The fire just goes out like that, Sarge! Why is that?

    John McLoughlin: I don't know!

    Will Jimeno: You're not a big talker, are you?

    John McLoughlin: No!

    Will Jimeno: Well gee, you gotta talk to me 'cause...

    John McLoughlin: Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhhh! Aah! I can't 'cause my knees are crushed again! That's why I can't fucking talk!

  • Dominick Pezzulo: Willie, I can't get this off of you...

    Will Jimeno: Don't leave me, Dom! Keep trying! Please, keep trying!

    Dominick Pezzulo: [Nods] Okay.