The behavior of the hero and heroine makes people angry

Joanie 2022-04-23 07:02:19

Of course the hero and heroine are ordinary people, not trained agents. It's unnecessary to be overly demanding of them, but basically normal people don't do it.

1. If you encounter a situation, you will not leave, and you will have to sleep there for an extra night. I won't talk about it before, but the tires of the car were punctured later, which is already a very dangerous sign. As a man in his 30s, he has no judgment at all. After the tire is replaced, he has to sleep there for one night. Otherwise it will not die.

2. As the saying goes, the rabbit will bite when it is anxious, and it will die without knowing the revenge. If the car is stolen, most people can go out and call the police by themselves. They would not have died. At this time, the person who encountered the car theft hits him with his car, and the other party here is already a murderer, and it is right to kill the other party by himself. Later, the other party even took out a knife and stabbed him, and let the evil dog bite him. Here, it is absolutely necessary to fight the other party to the death or the death. The two adults, the male protagonist and the female protagonist, have no blood at all. They even apologized and were killed by the other party without resisting, so they knew how to run. It's useless, and I've been making troubles in front of me.

To say that the male protagonist did not see the situation clearly after killing the dog. Later, he was chased by the car and could not escape, and the glass was smashed. Should have picked up weapons early, got out of the car and killed a few children.

The heroine won't kill if she doesn't say she's a teacher or something. Witnessing the tragic death of her husband, still don't know how to take revenge? Even killing someone to survive. As an adult, I saw my husband being tortured and killed by them and then burned to death by them, and I was tied up and burned by them, so if I could save my life, I would still have no hatred. Not even a bit of revenge. When there is a car at the end, you should rush over and hit the children before they realize they are in the car.

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Extended Reading
  • Issac 2022-03-22 09:01:56

    She has been waiting for the heroine to counterattack and execute these children "Ling Chi". As a result, when there were 15 minutes left in the film, I knew that this possibility was basically gone. Maybe it's because there is no counterattack that the rating is so high... This kind of film will never be second-guessed. I'd rather watch a movie where you jump in the queue and shoot you in the head! PS: In the news, a habitual car thief said arrogantly at the Public Security Bureau: I am not yet 13 years old, what can you do with me?

  • Jeffry 2022-03-25 09:01:09

    This film can be compared with "Song of the Barbarian", and the thoughts and feelings after watching it are completely opposite.

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  • Brett: Follow the blood!

  • Mother: Not my kids...