Alta 2022-04-21 09:02:44

friend said. I watch horror movies and disaster movies. best companion.
because. That's what I'm best at. Kill the scenery. Orz.
The World Trade Center this time. No exception. Let's look forward together.

finish watching. Tears also flowed.
But the true meaning of tears. But it is because of the association with those who are really buried.
Life is so fragile.
look. on the top of that skyscraper. It fell with a scream. figure.
Tiny. Not even mung bean ants.
Why did we ever. Benefit. Hard work. why. fame and fortune. The pursuit of death.
in the face of death. We are nothing. We have nothing.
even if. Always pretentious. American.
proud of them. When tall buildings collapse. Life is equally powerless and hopeless.
People just like it. Create some. It will eventually destroy its own thing. without knowing it. Pathetic and funny.

I disagree. some people say. The two surviving police officers. Not a hero.
in then. in a terrifying scene.
Ability to overcome fear and summon courage. Walk into the scene. That is already a hero.
Despite this brave follow-up of the hero. It's a little sad.
But we still can't.
narrow view. It is the dead. hero.
utilitarian thought. Saved others and died. is the martyr.
We should be clear. People most of the time. Overcoming yourself is more difficult than overcoming everything else. It's way too hard.

The most annoying thing is. The guy who called himself a U.S. Marine. people. words at the end of the film.
We should pay them back. etc. grand-sounding.
I was killing the scenery at the time. Talk to a friend. Ninety percent of this character is. Bush asked to be included.
this. Let me be right in the catastrophe. those who have passed away. feel sad.
do something wrong. It's always been someone who has nothing to do with death.
However those. innocent victim. But it continues to become those excuses for persisting in the wrong.

At last. I left with a cold face.
The so-called catastrophe I watched before was so-called shocking and moving. In an instant. gone.

The world is still like that.
Touching, sincere and brave. Gone in the emptied ruins.
Ignorance, stupid, greedy. But still continue.

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  • Jordan 2021-12-26 08:01:13

    The background of the story is well known, the actors are also good, and the shots are good.

  • Davon 2022-03-26 09:01:08

    Oh yes, the whole world should be sad when America dies, Iraq deserves it when it dies - I was still full of sympathy for the first half of this movie, and the last 5 minutes of "someone has to take revenge" completely disgusted me Die: This action itself is revenge on you America, who else are you going to take revenge on? Since I said that I want revenge, I can only say that 911 deserves it (in this movie).

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  • Will Jimeno: Where did that wind come from all the sudden, Sarge?

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