When the twin towers crashed down

Alia 2022-04-21 09:02:44

In fact, before I went to the cinema, I knew that I couldn't expect too much from this movie. After all, as a subscriber of "Watching the Movie", I have learned from the comments that the media's biggest accusation against it - beyond touching Can't think deeply. Yeah, in the context of such a sensitive event and catastrophe, how to make such a movie? Call for peace? condemn terror? Or the humanity that burst out at a critical moment?

In the end, I decided to watch it. The main reason was that I just came back from New York and I just saw the World Trade Center site. The layout and environment there made me deeply feel something different from watching the news on TV five years ago. . Several pictures recorded the day of September 11, 2001, from the view of the World Trade Center in the morning light, to the plane crashing into the building, to the final rescue. Comparing the photos of New York I took with the pictures on the Internet a few years ago, the same angle, the same New York, but the two skyscrapers are missing.

The director used the method of small and medium-sized people in major events, and did not focus on exaggerating the whole disaster. Instead, he followed the day of two policemen, rushed to the police station before dawn, and was finally rescued and sent to the hospital. It may be difficult to make the film have a deep meaning from such an angle, but at least it tells a complete story, which is better than the kind of wanting to say nothing and saying nothing well. I think it's pointless to discuss whether two cops are heroes or not. Of course they are heroes, and all those who overcome their inner fears and rush into danger to save others are heroes, no matter how far they have done it. Cage is good, but his face can't be seen clearly in the dark environment. You must know that his eyes and expressions are very characteristic. I'm actually quite afraid of seeing people buried in the rubble. In a closed environment, there is no light, no water, bleeding in the body, the most important thing is to keep wandering in hope and disappointment, I don't know whether to summon the courage to wait for someone to rescue or simply let myself get rid of the pain as soon as possible. People who were rescued could recount their experiences of waiting for tens of hours, so how do we know what they thought of those who waited for tens of hours for days and still died? Although the successful rescue of the protagonist in the end made people rejoicing, the subtitles that "only 20 people were rescued and nearly 3,000 people died" made people silent and sigh.

The scene that moved me the most was when the elevator operator's mom in the hospital cried out to John's wife about her feelings. Isn't this life? Usually most people are caught up in trivial matters, but when they lose a loved one, they feel guilty in endless regrets. Since we cannot prevent many emergencies and disasters from happening, let us strive to cherish the people and happiness around us.

In addition, I feel that the performance of the two police officers' wives waiting for news from their relatives after hearing the bad news is more realistic. Better than that unrestrained cry. On the one hand, they have not given up hope, on the other hand they are mothers and need to be strong.

The whole movie reminds me of "49 Ladders" and the Tangshan Earthquake several times.

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  • Davon 2022-03-26 09:01:08

    Oh yes, the whole world should be sad when America dies, Iraq deserves it when it dies - I was still full of sympathy for the first half of this movie, and the last 5 minutes of "someone has to take revenge" completely disgusted me Die: This action itself is revenge on you America, who else are you going to take revenge on? Since I said that I want revenge, I can only say that 911 deserves it (in this movie).

  • Rubye 2022-03-27 09:01:12

    Uncle Stone's favorite subject. Reminds me of flight 93

World Trade Center quotes

  • John McLoughlin: [Struggles To Speak To His Wife] You... kept me... alive.

  • Dave Karnes: We're not leaving, We're the Marines, you are our mission.

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