Nicholas' Love and Disappointment

Angus 2022-04-21 09:02:44

Nicholas's Love and

Disappointment Standing in front of a bulletin board in a movie theater with his girlfriend, discussing which movie to watch.

"Baby Project", "The Dog and Dog", "Miami Vice", "World Trade Center", "I Want to Be Famous", and a movie "Yuanmingyuan" that is not suitable for two people to watch.

Hate Gong Li, we chose "World Trade Center" just in time. I really like Nicholas. Although I haven't seen this film consecutively on the Internet, I know the plot is not quite certain.

The first half of the plot is quite compact. Not long after the film started, the World Trade Center collapsed, burying people, and the climax passed, leaving a long, or not what I expected, ending spinning.

The middle girlfriend asked: Haven't you seen it? Hehe, I was watching it while surfing the Internet, and the English dialogue was half-truth, so I almost forgot about it after reading it. The only shots on the big screen only leave a "familiar" impression.

Tell me about the gang that disappointed me with Nicholas. The whole film is full of loopholes and damages the heroic image Nicholas has always kept in my heart. The radio microphones that appear again and again on the screen are addictive, and they are exposed again and again, and the more they are exposed, are the post-production people collectively short-sighted and not wearing glasses?

The signature face of Nicholas, who was waiting for rescue under the crushed ruins, alternated between dirty and clean in the same level of footage.

You shouldn't pay to watch this movie.

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  • Uriel 2022-03-26 09:01:08

    crying in the cinema

  • Hermann 2022-03-26 09:01:08

    Good subject matter, good angle of view, but the shooting is not satisfactory, and some parts are actually handled quite poorly. Compared to another 9/11-related film of the same yearIt's so dramatic that the real events appear distorted

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