Great movie - criticize and correct human wrongs

Sunny 2022-04-19 09:02:25

Morality is the framework of human social structure. The morally corrupt behavior of the last 2.1 million people in the film-destroying nature, violence, murder, distortion, greed and selfishness, and materialistic desires--is the last straw for human beings to end, robots Complete disappointment with human beings, thus opening a new era of civilization inheritance. Human beings in the form of life, no matter what restraint means, can not prevent the evolution of civilization.
Of course, if human beings correct their own mistakes and a new social form with a balanced system emerges, the evolutionary process of civilization can continue, and human beings can still be established on the earth.
The current problems, the earth's population is growing exponentially, the earth is already overwhelmed, and the destruction of nature will turn against human beings: the earth's temperature rises, the sea level rises, the number of tsunamis increases, the ozone hole over the Antarctic, the harm of underground garbage, really not I hope that when the climate is irreversible, human beings will start to wake up...
let's correct their mistakes as soon as possible.

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Extended Reading
  • Jade 2022-04-21 09:02:50

    No flaws, no bright spots. Everyone's acting is good. Pretty honest movie. . .

  • Delpha 2022-04-20 09:02:01

    I like this kind of film with a simple world view, core, and dramatic points, but they are all highly completed within the limits. The upper limit of this film is not high, but it is very clean, with few words, showing the warmth of a doomsday personal sketch

Automata quotes

  • Cleo: Now I know why the rain changed.

    Jacq Vaucan: Why?

    Cleo: I don't think you could understand.

  • Cleo: And why did the rain change? Why don't you tell me?

    Jacq Vaucan: You're supposed to be smarter than me at this stage of the game.