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The childhood of Ivan, which Sergey inserted at the beginning, has different opinions in history. His mother was a Tartar, who brought Ivan III exotic pleasure, so she was favored alone. However, due to the old tradition of Rus, women cannot participate in politics, so Ivan III is fortified against her, and will not hand over the power to a woman more than 20 years younger than himself before his death. He passed the power to Ivan Ley and entrusted it to several ministers. Later, the state where the seven Boyars jointly ruled was once known as the Seven Lords regime, and was later replaced by Ivan's mother family. Ivan was traumatized by Boyar's bosses from an early age, and the great historian Klyuchevsky wrote in "Russian History Course": "Ivan grew up in the tyranny of the lords. They His misdeeds turned him from timidity to neurotic cowardice." He did evil all day long, desperately venting, and began killing people at the age of fourteen. At the age of fifteen, he was instigated to execute Andrei Schuysky, who mutilated the dead for two hours. This is also reflected in the film.
The Tsar's bloodlust runs through the entire film, killing the Great Boyar, his best friend the Bishop, his cousins, and more.
After Ivan ascended to power, Ivan's mother, the Grinski family, stole the treasury, looted the citizens, and suffered quite a riot, known as the Moscow Uprising.

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Ivan the Terrible, Part II: The Boyars' Plot quotes

  • Czar Ivan IV: From now on I will become the one you call me. I will become terrible.

  • Czar Ivan IV: [final words] From now on may the sword of justice blaze against those who infringe on beyond the greatness Russian Orb. We won't let Russia be disappointed.