Brief History of the Roman Empire

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In the 2nd century AD, Marc Aurelius, Roman emperor and philosopher, wrote the Meditations

During the Roman period, the roads were developed, and the infrastructure had reached a mature level at that time. Become an accelerator for the spread of the plague.

Seven years of foreign war, defensive type. To resist the savage southward movement of Germania from the north, his son enjoys a life of splendor, wealth and luxury, so he sent his son to the Germania military camp according to his wife's wishes. And train him to earn the respect of the army. outbreak of plague

Wife: Faustina went to Egypt to seek refuge with Cassius after hearing the rumors after the emperor's death. Cassius was the person who had the second power in Rome at that time. Faustina later went to the German army camp to apologize to the emperor and committed suicide And die.

Daughter: Lucia, with strong political aspirations, joined the Senate and competed with her younger brother for power. After the plan to assassinate Commodus was discovered, she was assassinated by Commodus after being exiled.

Son: Commodus, who succeeded the throne, declared a truce and returned to Rome, in order to consolidate the regime and the daughter of a respected member of the Senate, Christina, to join a political marriage, and later Nacaristina's slave, Marcia, as a concubine, Christina banished.

Commodus in his return to Rome, two friends, Otrus and Clinde

Resourceful and loyal, Otrus, whose abilities were appreciated by Commodus, was appointed chief advisor. Three people, there must be jealousy. Clinde was dissatisfied, and Clinde assisted Commod's sister Lucia's plan to assassinate Commodus. Unexpectedly, the elder Quentin Ass was found in the process of assassinating Commodus, and the plan was broken, although Clinde killed him. Otrus, Lucia will be assassinated after being exiled, and Clinde is worried about Quentin Ass leaking secrets, so he kills Quentin Ass first. Clinde survived, Commodus was out of control, and resumed his lavish life. Clinde realized that it was an opportunity to fight for power. After becoming a major consultant, he sold high-level positions, from Senate positions. Started, and while seeking funds, he injected his own secrets into the Senate, consolidating his rule over the Senate. At the same time, by hoarding food, he created a panic of food shortages, and then turned to distribute food to the people to create a glorious image, but this plan was seen through by the senate Dio, who participated in the assassination of Commodus according to the testimony of the slaves of Lucia. plan, be executed.

Commodus had lost trust in his brother and in the members of the Senate. In the face of the people who poisoned the living, he decided to initiate a festival in which he fought as a gladiator to restore the respect and worship of the people. In order to ensure his victories, and there are no hundred battles, Commodus gave his opponent a blunt sword to protect himself from harm, which made him fall into a situation of arrogance and arrogance. He made a desperate gamble and refused to listen to advice, intending to send everyone who knew about it to the frontier or to death. Marcia asked Dio for help, Dio gave her poison to frame Commodus, but Commodus spit out the poison, and then asked for Nasso, Commodus's coach, the coach came to the palace, fought with Commodus, and Commodus died after that .

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