Dialogue with the KGB Incident

Bryce 2022-09-10 11:21:30

At the 37th minute of the film, the protagonist Grigoriev and Pierre had the following dialogue: G: Communism is a beautiful dream. P: Yes, the streets are full of happiness, and the people are so happy that they fly to the sky. This dream is difficult to achieve. G: Do you know what our country was like in 1917? Nothing like the Middle Ages. Later, it took us 40 years to realize manned spaceflight, the first one! But today, the whole society has stopped developing, and we have to push it all over again. That's why I'm giving you this information. When the Soviet Union disintegrates, everything that was there will be wiped out, which will give birth to a new revolution. I can't see this, but my son, Igor, will see it all. And that's the best reward for me. P: Speaking of Igor, I brought what you asked for. Here's the Walkman, and some tapes that you want. G: Great. P: The collection of poems you asked for, I brought you a copy by Lagarde and Michard. I don't have much use for this book. It's the 19th edition. "You Baudelaire, Mallarme..." This book will make you laugh a lot. It's open. G: I can't accept this. This is a private collection, isn't it? P: It doesn't matter, this book has been left in the bookcase all the time, only my wife flips through it occasionally. G: But she still doesn't know you gave it to me. P: Well, it is. G: It's really not that difficult to learn to lie. I am a lie myself. You are okay, you can ask the above to send someone to replace you, but what about me? I have only you, Pierre. ... 1 hour and 37 minutes of the video, Grigoriev confessed in the KGB interrogation room, and his superior Shukhov was arraigning him: G: My wife and son know nothing about me. They don't know anything! If I had known, Natasha would not have let me do this. He hates lying, as you should know. S: You digress. G: When executing me, don't execute me by shooting. S: This is not up to you to decide. G: It doesn't matter. Endless long night, pregnant with huge changes. There is no change without sacrifice, and this country needs change to survive... S: The country does change because of what you've done, Serge. How do you say you used to be an executive, do you have any other requirements? The title of the film is L' La Vérité sur la Taupe Française du KGB. The movie is based on this book. Grigoriev in the movie is definitely a patriot. He clearly sees the future - the Soviet Union will perish, the Soviet Union will perish, and the history of Russia will continue. The change of dynasties and the demise of the country are completely different things. Grigoriev has some legends that Tan Sitong's idealism, for the rejuvenation of the nation, he is willing to die in return. Endless long night, pregnant with huge changes. There is no change without sacrifice, and this country needs change to survive. In the movie, Grigoriev has a rebellious teenage son who accuses his father of listening to Western pop music. The future, as Grigoriev expected, belongs to young people. The information was sent out one by one, but at night Grigoriev was pondering how to get along with his son. He watched the video of his son's childhood over and over again. The life of a spy is quite complicated. Grigoriev has a lover, and his wife and son have discovered the secret. His boss Shukhov's old lover is Grigoriev's wife. Shukhov found out that Grigoriev had contacts with the French, so he took the opportunity to reveal the top secrets of the KGB. Later, Shukhov saved Pierre's family by delaying the trial of Grigoriev, and eventually Shukhov defected to the West. The French intelligence agency DST originally planned to give up the Pierre family, let alone rescue the Grigoriev family. In the NATO base in West Germany, after Pierre learned that the truth was so cruel, he probably had no feelings for his homeland, France. Under the pressure, everyone is silent, but everyone will measure in their hearts: Is this a good life? Can you bear it? Can such a world last forever? Russia is a tragic nation. In the early 20th century, the Soviet Union was built through lies and violence, and this system based on shackles, closures, lies, and punishment cannot be tolerated by anyone for long. Grigoriev is willing to overthrow the Soviet Union through his own efforts and start over. ——But after starting over, didn’t it still fail to jump out of the cycle of dynasty change?

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