"The Incident of the KGB"

Elza 2022-09-17 22:07:38

Originally called "Farewell". It's a true spy story from the 1980s. The film was shot in France in 2015.

"Farewell" is a pseudonym for a KGB agent, Vladimir. He holds a high position in the KGB and has a happy family. He loved his motherland and saw that the Soviet Union's economy was in trouble in recent years, and the people were dissatisfied. He tried to change this status quo, so by providing a lot of information to the French intelligence services, to achieve the purpose of bringing down the regime. He did this not for material and money, but only to realize the ideal of a new Soviet Union. There is no doubt that he is a pure idealist.

In his spare time, Vladimir will also be gentle with the opposite sex, he will watch his son's childhood films over and over again, and he will be meticulous about his son's growth. These are ordinary things for ordinary people, but for him, a two-faced person, they are worthy of incomparable cherishing.

Sadly, he eventually became a pawn for the politicians between the United States, the Soviet Union and France, and died at the gunpoint of his own people.

The basic skill of a spy and agent is to learn to lie. In the West, lying is the most contemptible, and lying in court is a felony. For spies, lying is a compulsory course, they have to learn to lie, learn how to tell some lies to make people believe, to tell lies, and even lie to people with the truth. It's not hard for people to tell a little lie somewhere, but it's hard to tell a big lie every day for decades. After all, espionage is a profession of lying. Lying for the sake of belief and survival, no matter how noble a reason is given to lying, is an immoral act, let alone a profession.

There are espionage organizations all over the world. In this organization, as long as it is "politically correct", all other figurines are not needed. Outright whistleblowers, murders, and deceptions abound. The human conscience, the minimum trust between people, no longer exists. In the film, Vladimir can calmly pass the highly confidential scientific and technological information of the Soviet Union and the KGB's spy network in the West to the French intelligence agencies, and the American undercover agent in the KGB can also betray Vladimir calmly. Among spies, with the exception of a few idealists such as Vladimir and Yu Zecheng in "Insidious", the philosophy that supports their implementation of this behavior should be: This is my job.

"Three Characters Classic" says: "If you don't teach, your sex will change." Being a spy is just the opposite of this. Been a spy for a long time, don't know how they will see the world? How to look at the relationship between people? How to look at morality? A spy job will transform a normal person into a cold-blooded murderous demon. Ironically, most of them ended up dying. Vladimir, Pinto, Hart, Yoshiko Kawashima, Jin Wulan, etc. Abandoned when useless.

It's not about ideology. No politician will talk about spies. No matter which country it is, capitalist or socialist, totalitarian or democratic, it all needs spies, and they all need to engage in those ugly acts that cannot be seen in the sun. So we can't help but ask: What makes this ugly profession exist? The root cause is still due to this distorted environment.

This kind of film, I have seen "The Silent Man" before, and the 007 series. It is very interesting to say that the spy is very interesting. Never run out of money. There may be many people here who dream of becoming a peerless spy. Maybe being a spy will satisfy people's thrill-seeking psychology, however, the price you pay is human nature. This deal is not suitable.

As for the fact that this event led to the downfall of the Soviet Union, I am afraid it is an exaggeration. I don't deny the butterfly effect. However, the changes in the Soviet Union were made up of many factors, the most important being social injustice and economic collapse. In order for a country to have long-term stability, it ultimately depends on the people's food and clothing, the realization of modernization, and the realization of fairness and justice. rather than spies.

I admire director Christian Cassillon's courage to make this controversial film. Vladimir's actor Kusturika's acting is excellent, creating a humane, wily and sacrificial old spy. At the end of the execution, the gesture of greeting the firing squad to shoot is very infectious. For him, he died for his faith, but what the audience felt was a great tragedy.

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