When scumbags do surrogacy

Gus 2022-09-17 18:34:12

First of all, I have to say that this is a movie starring pure black people, and it is not ugly.
The subject of surrogacy is sensitive in China, but it seems that there is no problem in the United States.
If it is brought to China, this movie seems to be a bit of a warning, that is: surrogacy is risky!
When it comes to surrogacy alone, in an environment where cooking is considered illegal in China, the risks are not little by little. Surrogacy and surrogacy are all risks, and there is no legal guarantee. Therefore, many Chinese will go abroad to find and have children, such as the United States, Thailand, Mexico, etc., and there is no big problem.
One of the big risks in this movie is, what if the surrogate girl is a scumbag?
Of course, how the scumbag Anna in this movie can do surrogacy should be the negligence of the American medical institutions.
Generally speaking, the purpose of doing surrogacy is to make money. After giving birth to a child well, you will get a considerable income, which is about 100,000 to 200,000 yuan in China, and not less in foreign countries. It is said that some girls not only have one or two surrogates, but they can get pregnant for several years and earn millions or even tens of millions of income comfortably.
Therefore, if Anna in the movie goes to surrogacy for money, she doesn't have to use the child as a threat like her boyfriend forced her to threaten her master. If she asks for more money, it can only be said that her IQ is low and her tricks are very low. After the baby is born, let's talk about it.
Is there such a thing as a surrogate woman falling in love with a male host?
This is the core element of this movie, that is, the surrogate Anna fell in love with the male host John, but he didn't expect John to be unmoved. After several seductions, he was still indifferent. Anna had to resort to bad tricks, making the host's house uneasy.
It should be said that the film is still very careful in showing Anna's sexiness and body. The camera is bold, and it only stops at temptation. Except for the scene where Anna peeks at John and his wife Laura having sex on the sofa, the rest of the shots are relatively restrained.
What makes people a little dazed is that after finding that Anna was angry and leaving, John's wife Laura agreed to her husband John to have sex with Anna out of fear that Anna would do something unfavorable to the fetus, in order to deceive Anna's trust and let her go smoothly. give birth to a child.
However, I didn't expect Anna to secretly discover the conspiracy of the couple, and simply killed Laura's pet dog, destroyed the hut that Laura had built for the child, and smashed Laura to the ground, almost giving her a concussion. . After that, she went to another hospital to give birth to her child and hid with the child.
Of course, at this point in the story, the bug is very obvious. This Anna really doesn't want money, she is really fighting for her life for love! Destroying yourself for love!
At the end, John secretly found where Anna was hiding, and when he saw Anna was sleeping on the bed, he secretly went in and took the child beside her, ready to leave. This naturally made Anna, who had woken up, mad. She beat the John she loved, and John showed no mercy. He knocked Anna unconscious with a few bangs, and then got into the car with the child, ready to run away with his wife. Unexpectedly, Anna stood in front of the car and blocked them with a gun, almost killing them. At this moment, Laura was also ruthless, stepped on the accelerator, knocked Anna into the air, and sent this scumbag to heaven.
I almost forgot to say, this scumbag Anna, because she was annoying her boyfriend and threatened her, she secretly followed her boyfriend's house with her face covered and sent her boyfriend to the West Sky. Previously, according to an investigation by lawyer John's friend, Anna Girls' Generation was also a vicious killer who stabbed to death her adoptive father who wanted to molest her. Damn, this scumbag is a pervert!
Speaking of which, Anna is a lunatic! One did not make money, two did not get love, three did not save the child, and the final result was death without a burial place. Is it a scumbag who did not pay well?
On the contrary, the protagonists John and Laura find another surrogate, deceive Anna to have sex, and steal the child. In the end, everything is fine, and they return home, fulfilling their big dream of having a child. This scene is also intoxicating!
However, looking at Anna's good figure, it is quite pleasing to see how black couples fight to have children!

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