Under the Moon Shadow

Jackie 2022-02-23 08:01:47

This is the best technology documentary I have seen this year. It was just close to the 40th anniversary of the Apollo landing on the moon. It felt even more interesting. The special thing about this film is that the astronauts in the "Apollo" program were asked to tell the story of the moon landing. Armstrong did not accept an interview. However, several other astronauts mentioned him and spoke highly of him. A calm person.

I like this documentary mainly because it shows the mental journey of those astronauts on the moon. That's because there is no way to know from pure technical analysis. It is full of meaningful fragments, and sometimes even makes me feel very poetic. For example, Mike Collins said that he had two moons in his mind. For example, when Apollo 8 flew around the moon for the first time, it happened to be Christmas Eve, and the astronauts read the beginning of "Old Testament Genesis" in the cabin. And Mike Collins talked about the feeling that he was left alone in the command module, with one side looking down at 3 billion people on the earth, and two people on the moon on the other side, and there was only him in the command module. And they talked about the impact of the experience of landing on the moon on their lives, concepts, and so on. Technology is not a cold machine at all, technology can make people feel so beautiful.

While commemorating the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, it seems that doubts about the moon landing have also become a topic. Of course, I have never doubted its authenticity. The technical refutation is one aspect. After watching this film, I am even more convinced that the moon landing is not fake. Scenes can be faked, but people's mood cannot be faked. You can fake N moon landing videos in the Arizona desert, but how can you find so few lovely old men who can speak so sincerely so poetic and philosophical lies? If this is the case, then I really want to doubt life...

The title of this film is also very poetic. In fact, I prefer the translation of "Under the Moon Shadow", but when it is broadcast in China, I use "Apollo" "Journey to the Moon" is a very common name.

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In the Shadow of the Moon quotes

  • Alan Bean: Now, I pick up the phone. And he said "Who's this?" and I told him "Alan Bean". He said "Well, we're down here and we're doin' this test, and we've lost the crew." And I said "Wh-where'd they go? You lost 'em?" 'Cause I thought they just need to run the test, and they can't find 'em. "No," they said, "we've lost the crew." I said "Maybe they're down at the beach house." And they said "No, there was a fire." And then it dawns on me that maybe they're talkin' about somethin' diff'rent than I think.

  • Edgar D. Mitchell: The biggest joy was on the way home. In my cockpit window, every two minutes: The Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the whole 360-degree panorama of the heavens. And that was a powerful, overwhelming experience. And suddenly I realized that the molecules of my body, and the molecules of the spacecraft, the molecules in the body of my partners, were prototyped, manufactured in some ancient generation of stars. And that was an overwhelming sense of oneness, of connectedness; it wasn't 'Them and Us', it was 'That's me!', that's all of it, it's... it's one thing. And it was accompanied by an ecstacy, a sense of 'Oh my God, wow, yes', an insight, an epiphany.