Agustina 2022-03-15 09:01:02

I chose to watch Live Free or Die Hard because of Bruce Willis.
But after watching it, I was not disappointed with the content. If you like Bruce Willis and
don't dislike action movies, it is still worth watching.

I won't introduce much content, let's talk about Bruce Willis and men here.
Since I was in middle school, I
have always admired Bruce Willis since I saw the series MoonLighting starring Bruce Willis .
For more than 20 years, his face has hardly changed, but I have changed from a silly girl who has no idea about boys and girls to a woman who has been tortured by many emotions.
But his smile is still the most attractive in my heart. So charming!!!
I think back then, when he was always looking at the heroine in MoonLighting, the corner of his right mouth was
slightly tilted up , he gave a wicked smile and a deep smile. At the time I was 14 years old and I couldn’t help exclaiming:
“How can I It’s such a good smile!" But I haven’t realized that this is the charm of a man.
Now in his 50s, he is still smiling wickedly, so I want to watch his movies.

When He Jie talked about his smile, Jie would ask me, "Then I have a bad smile?"
I replied, "You also have a good smile, but you are not the same type as him."
"Which one do you like? "
Of course I like you, I just admire him"
"Oh". . .

Then after a while, when I talk about a certain actor, the same dialogue will appear again.
Appreciating a man is different from liking him. Is it so difficult to understand?

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  • Eliezer 2021-10-20 19:00:24

    Rich in entertainment. A mourning policeman, plus a thin hacker, and the American chaos. There are scenes of American chaos in many movies recently, which feels weird. As if the United States is in chaos, it is the end of the world. There are a lot of jokes, maggie q has appeared longer than expected, although there is no drama to play at all. She didn't even show her beauty, and she didn't even have much dialogue. 0 The pretty boy played to please, and the daughter was also very interesting. She was full of old sinuses. When I finished the scene, I thought to myself, if my father is a policeman, I would have to practice hard when I was coerced.

  • Brett 2022-03-23 09:01:12

    son of bitch, the world needs tough guy! Really should go to the cinema to watch it, but it's not shown!

Live Free or Die Hard quotes

  • Thomas Gabriel: We are leaving in three minutes.

    [pushes computer towards Matt]

    Thomas Gabriel: You have one.

    Matt Farrell: The rules haven't changed, man. You're gonna kill me the minute I unlock it.

    [Thomas shoots Matt in the leg]

    Thomas Gabriel: [Thomas grabs Lucy and puts the gun to her head] Matthew. Matthew! I really need you to pay attention. The rules can always change.

    Matt Farrell: Okay, wait a minute.

    Thomas Gabriel: I'm gonna shoot her in ten seconds.

    Matt Farrell: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

    Thomas Gabriel: Nine.

    Matt Farrell: I can't.

    Thomas Gabriel: Eight.

    Matt Farrell: I can't.

    Matt Farrell: [Thomas shoots the air twice] Okay! Okay, okay.

    Thomas Gabriel: Six.

    Matt Farrell: Okay, stop, stop! Stop. I'm doing it. I'm doing it!

    [starts to unlock it]

  • Thomas Gabriel: Think of them as hardware, to your software.