"Secret and Great": Neither secret nor great, but pitiful (6/10)

Geovanny 2022-03-07 08:01:16

"Secret and Great" is a recent work by South Korean director Jang Cheol-soo. I didn't expect such a Korean commercial film to be released in the United States. I went to see
the morning show today. There were about 40 or 50 audience. It's not bad for a non-popular early show. Except for a few foreigners, most of them are
Korean faces. The plot of the movie is very ordinary. Three handsome spies from North Korea go to South Korea to lurk and witness the friendship of the South Korean people . As a
result, they have to choose between loyalty to the motherland and their own desire to survive... North and

South Korean spy films are already a An increasingly important Korean genre. From "Life and Death", which just put Titanic in the runner-up in the early days
, to the later "Common Security Area", "Coastline", "Silmi Island", etc., they are all important works
in the history . The changing political relationship between North and South Korea is also reflected in the film. In "Welcome to
Dongmo Village", the soldiers of the North and South Korea accidentally bumped into each other and finally fought side by side. Turning enemies into friends shows the relaxation of relations between the two countries at that time.
But most of these North Korean spy movies portray North Korea as a backward and barbaric autocracy. And North Korean spies are all
brainwashed iron-blooded killers. "Secret and Great" begins with "I was raised as a monster",
followed by ruthless training and iron-blooded orders. Then the handsome spy went to South Korea to lurk, and there was a change from a monster to a
normal person, and finally it was a choice of life and death. These are all clichés, and Hidden and Great falls into
that cliché, so I don't think the movie is either stealthy or great.

But if you haven't seen North Korean spy films much, it's a good idea to watch this movie. The plot is quite complete, and the narrative is moderately relaxed.
Although it is a melodrama mode, laughter and tears are natural and not far-fetched. In the end, many viewers are
wiping tears for these handsome North Korean guys who have nowhere to escape. They are really poor people. what. Handsome guy Kim Soo Hyun pretends to be crazy for a while, and then again
Cool and handsome, showing good acting skills. The supporting roles in the movie are also well-shaped, and through some small details,
almost everyone's character is revealed. Korean movies have their own set in group dramas, and the recent blockbuster "Skyscraper"
also has different characters who escaped. Unlike many blockbusters who can barely remember any supporting characters after the movie is over, the supporting
characters are all flat characters that highlight the heroic characters.

I don't know if it's a Korean tradition or what. In Korean movies and TV series, there are almost always one or two squatting holes, vomiting, snot,
squirting rice , etc. This time, the Koreans are very happy to see it. Maybe they like this one?

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