Pocahontas and the Hollow Recipe

Geovanny 2022-03-25 09:01:06

We are from the sea. At first it was a jellyfish, then it became a fish, crawled, and slowly until it could walk and speak. You, have you forgotten?

The story of Pocahontas begins with the telling of the myth that the grandmother said that the goddess of the sea had a heart to be returned, and if it didn't, disaster would befall. For safety, the islanders never go to sea to fish. The girl Moana is the daughter of the chief of the island tribe. Her subconscious is very willing to get close to the sea, but she is frequently blocked by her father. She has outstanding talents, and has received good education and training, but she cannot follow her own wishes.

Until one day, the living environment and plants gradually turned black, and the originally beautiful island and happy people faced the possibility of losing everything. On the symbolic level, this represented the depression that "hollow" may bring, and the gradual loss of vitality. That is, if the heart is not in its place, people have no self, and want to find a meaning from the outside world? Finding recognition, and needing more recognition, is tantamount to fishing for the moon with a monkey and fetching water with a bamboo basket, and one day it will be unsustainable.

If the young Moana is not strong enough and still needs to live with the family, then there will be an opportunity. When our physical body grows up, when we even see the death that will come eventually, we will always think about it. How to know your own heart, where to go? Go to the place where the heart used to be, to the sea-like subconscious. How to get there? Take a boat left by ancestors and be brave, and find a suitable guide.

It takes a bit of luck and maybe a bit of doom from departure to finding the guide, but in any case, the sea brought Moana to that island. The demigod Maui is not a perfect guide, but he has a characteristic that he can talk to his inner villain, which is a kind of ability of careful inner awareness. He walks by recognizing the stars, wind and water temperature, using the sense The way he works, his tattoos document all the big events he's been through, it's this man's honest awareness of his past that helps him face his own history. When he talks about his sad past, being abandoned at birth, and giving everything to be recognized, we can vaguely recognize the prototype of the "wounded healer". It turns out that this Maui plays the role of a counselor, you see, At first he was a little heroic.

The journey of the sea is beyond our imagination, it can be to climb a mountain together, or it can be to enter a deep world of monsters together. It’s not uncommon to have all kinds of monsters in this world. The clinging to the glittering crab and the waving eight claws inevitably reminds me of the dryad in “A Chinese Ghost Story”, both of which symbolize the “controlling mother” facing the inner. And the magical fish hook staff, is there some snake staff close to the ancient Greek mythological Chinese medicine god Asclepius?

To move on is to face the rage in the heart together. This anger arises from the lack of heart, but it is difficult to explain itself because it has been forgotten for too long. This anger may also hurt the relationship between consultation and visit. And loneliness will come unexpectedly after all. There is a path that will make us feel that only ourselves are facing it, and then look back on our original intentions in solitude and receive silent support from the resources inherited from the family. Even if there is doubt, withdrawal, and lack of self-confidence, you must persevere. Even if you are not sure whether you can do it or not, you still have to persevere with fear and courage. After the emotional storm has passed, I realize that the original need is simple, that is, let the heart return to where it should be, connect with all kinds of real feelings, and everything will naturally rejuvenate.

More and more clinical practice and research have shown that "trauma" may come from this life experience, or from intergenerational transmission, and from the retention of psychological energy in long-term stories. In any case, the subconscious chooses us, and we have Chance. The goddess whom I met while growing up like an adventure actually lives in everyone's psychological reality. Healing from the subconscious mind is a feat done for oneself, and deep down, it is also beneficial to the family. When you get here, Moana bids farewell to Maui, because this period of psychological counseling can end here, and you can walk the rest of the way by yourself, and you also learn to sail.

Disney has a series of princess movies, and I'm happy to see the story of an ordinary teenage girl leaving home, living her heart, and healing herself. In fact, there was a movie in 2016 that also talked about how a girl became an adult-"July and Ansheng", which was about the integration of "false self" and "true self", what is "false self", said To put it simply, a person is disconnected from his own inner feelings, and uses the expectations of others as his direction of action to satisfy the feelings of others to feel his own existence. This sounds so familiar, "Hollow" is just that.

Everyone has their own myth. In "Pocahontas", when I heard this myth and followed a guide to the depths of the sea, my treasure was in my heart. The above is dedicated to the 2016 we have gone through together. May we become more and more honest with our hearts.

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  • Lilliana 2022-03-23 09:01:24

    With all the factors that don’t make it hot...but the songs are all good to listen to ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄Lin Juju’s voice is very recognizable...

  • Addison 2022-03-20 09:01:20

    After watching the early release, I felt a lot of feelings, the singing was melodious, the scenery was dazzling, and the original tattoos can still be used like this!

Moana quotes

  • Maui: [Moana has just taken off to fight off the kakamora and retrieve the heart, taking the oar with her] Hey! What am I gonna steer with?

    [gets frustrated]

    Maui: They're just gonna kill ya!

    [Moana lands on the Kakamora boat. A large group of kakamora turn and look at her]

    Moana: [smiles bravely] *Coconuts.*

    [Moana kicks the kakamoras' butt with the oar]

  • Maui: [Teaching Moana to navigate] You're measuring the stars, not giving the sky a high five.