There must be a gap with Pikachu in my heart

Rebekah 2021-12-02 08:01:26

I just went to the mainland and saw the original soundtrack. The specific summary is as follows:

1. A lively inspirational film has become a warm-hearted film (maybe the American film style is like this, right?)

2. The long-awaited scene, Pikachu comes out of the Pokeball, this scene did not wait. .

3. Here are some good things. Pikachu is the perfect Pikachu in my heart. The hair details are well done, and the cute expression is also perfect. The sound of "Pika Pika" is also the original soundtrack of anime, which is quite satisfactory.

4. The overall shooting method, the sense of the lens and the special effects processing technology are absolutely praised. It is worthy of being an "American product", and it is better than anyone else.

5. Talk about the plot, restore the main line in the game of the same name, it is still OK, the catenary between "Dad" and "Pikachu" is also hung very well, that is, some characters and emotions are relatively simple. It's a bit like Japanese TV series. .

In conclusion, the ticket price is directly proportional to the movie, which is generally better than a certain league. .

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  • Rosetta 2021-12-02 08:01:26

    Sure enough, I just borrowed the skin of the god of skin... The tough live-action version is really hard

  • Kayleigh 2022-03-27 09:01:06

    I held it back for an hour and a half trying to fuck Pikachu and the ending scared me to the point of impotence.

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  • Detective Pikachu: Wait a minute. You can understand me?

  • Detective Pikachu: Harry faked his own death... or someone else faked Harry's death... or Harry faked someone else's death. Wait, that last one doesn't work, does it?