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Darius 2022-04-16 08:01:01

Making it into a TV series can actually help Christians to know more about God’s greatness and faithfulness visually and imaginatively. Because it's a miniseries, much of the biblical history is omitted and only the main events are covered. And after all, it was shot by an American, and the close-up shots of the blood and fights in the Old Testament part really make people feel that the modern business tastes very heavy, but perhaps this is also to attract the needs of the audience. Overall is good. I feel that this mini-series is suitable for new believers, but I need to be careful not to think that the mini-series is all about God, because God’s word, the Bible, is the foundation for Christians to know God.

The moment in Exodus over the Red Sea couldn't help but burst into tears. Episode 9 was literally crying from start to finish.

Thanks to the History Channel for being able to briefly film it in the form of a mini-series, it is estimated that it is too long and unbelievers will not have the patience to watch it. Believe it or not, at least the miniseries did its job of sowing the seeds. Whether the sown seeds can take root and sprout in people’s hearts, and when they are reaped, is God’s will.

Finally, thanks to the subtitle team for the translation.

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  • Nick 2022-04-20 09:02:59

    The ending is so wonderful "I see you as the pupil of my eyes". With the great music, the "Acts" story that started then has continued unstoppably to you and me now. My Lord and King Jesus Christ, let me love you and love you more! ! Most love you! ! ! My soul worships you alone.

  • Deontae 2022-04-22 07:02:00

    Gotta read it again and take notes