Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: An Unrivaled Animation Benchmark

Melany 2022-04-19 09:01:18

Although my expectations for "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" have been greatly increased after seeing numerous positive reviews, after watching the movie, this film still far exceeded my expectations! Not only will it be the best animated film of the year, it will even have a place in "animated film history".

What's more, it's still a "Spider-Man" movie... It can be said that this movie is full of surprises.

It's not easy to describe how good "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" is in words, because many audio-visual effects and sensory experiences cannot be converted into words, so it is best to watch this film, believe you Will never be disappointed.

[Friendly reminder: There will be spoilers below. 】

To say that the biggest advantage of "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" is the distinctive "painting style" that is unique to the film .

First of all, it is a 3D animation , but you will find that it shows the characteristics of comics everywhere : dialog boxes, monologue bubbles, dot effects, figurative onomatopoeia, "Kirby burst" that expresses cosmic energy matter with a circle pattern, etc. Wait, the use of these comic techniques makes people have a novel "reading sense" when watching movies.

This is not a simple act of brute force. Improper handling of such a bold approach will make the audience feel a strong sense of disobedience, and it is easy to make a nondescript "four dissimilarities" - in order to perfect and integrate this unique style of painting, the film is displayed in 3D in 3D. On the basis of animation, a drastic "dimension reduction" process has been carried out, and the method of superimposing CG and hand-painted lines is adopted. While ensuring the characteristics of comics, the original texture of the animation will not be lost.

Such an unconventional production method naturally requires corresponding "sacrifice": after combining different "dimension" textures, the frame rate of the film is also actively reduced. 12 frames are everywhere in the film, with thick lines, color bleeding, "Problems" such as ambiguity continue to appear, which may make some viewers feel uncomfortable... But such "roughness" is exactly the effect the film deliberately pursues .

In addition to creating the feeling of "comic being re-engraved into the screen", this kind of picture is also very similar to the "out of focus" that is often encountered in photography - whether it is 2D animation, 3D animation or stop-motion animation, it is usually not There will be such "problems" - which in turn give "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" a distinctive "real-life" feature.

Modern comics have a strong sense of lens and are easy to animate, largely because they borrowed the movie's sub-shot settings, and the film has carried out a certain "reverse push" on this basis. Forming a visual impact can also play a supporting role in the narrative.

I'm not very familiar with music, but I must admit that the soundtrack of "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" is very nice. The key is that it matches the style of the movie. The dazzling and gorgeous pictures with the self-confidence, assertiveness, and arbitrary arrangement are definitely a must-have. A blast of audio-visual enjoyment.

Of course, it must be admitted that this new style of mixing and matching cannot be liked by everyone (especially in China), so there is no need to criticize some viewers who cannot appreciate the style of this film.

The main creator probably also thought of this, so there is no ambiguity when it comes to "3D".

For example, Miles' "Leap of Faith" after finding himself and before going to the battlefield, the texture of the fine lines is also the highest level of current 3D animation.

"Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" can have a "unique" style of painting. Six Spider-Man from different universes have contributed, and they have injected richer and more vivid type elements into the film : Miles Morale Stacey and Peter Parker are the foundation, as I have said before; Gwen Stacy began to make changes on this basis, contributing a more slender and smooth style; Shadow Spider-Man's pure black and white outfit, full of hardcore retro Style; Penny Parker's strong Japanese style is probably the most familiar two-dimensional flavor; and Spider-Man is a more traditional "cartoon" style, which provides a lot of laughs by the way.

I have to admire Sony's whimsy here: Compared to Marvel's Avengers and Fox's X-Men, Sony's status as only holding the copyright of the Spider-Man series is actually quite "embarrassing". The results of "The Amazing Spider-Man" were not satisfactory, and they jointly developed the little spider under the unparalleled "eyes" of Marvel... How to make the "cornucopia" of Spider-Man shine again is not an easy task.

"Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" has taken a different approach. Under the circumstance that it was not favored by others in the early stage, it boldly used the idea of ​​multiverse to play a good card. There are also quite a few, and the effect of "1+1>2" can still be achieved with one character .

This film not only does not shy away from this point, but also shows off with great fanfare, burying all kinds of easter eggs in the film - interested friends can look for a more professional collection of easter eggs, I still say that: find one more Easter eggs are a bit more fun, but even if you don’t find a few, it won’t affect your movie-watching experience.

Having said so many advantages and characteristics of production, let's talk about the plot.

The conclusion first: There is no major problem with the story layout of "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe". Both main lines are taken care of. Although the rhythm in the middle and early stages is slightly unbalanced, it does not affect the smoothness of the overall narrative and maintains the basic basics. The short board of "high picture, low plot" has not been formed.

The film takes Miles Morales, who has taken over the mantle of Spider-Man in the main universe, as the first protagonist, "decadent" Peter Parker as the first male support, Gwen Stacy as the heroine, and the shadow spider Xia, Penny Parker, and Spider-Horse once again, grasping the balance of priority and subordination, and a degree of relaxation.

The narrative focus of this main line is on the "mentor" Peter guiding the "rookie" Miles. A newbie who is at a loss has become a hero on his own, and a middle-aged man who is useless is rejuvenated to the greatest extent. The theme of "growing up" was developed ; Gwen expanded the theme on another level; the remaining three were only used as adjustments to help polish the genre elements of the film.

Although "six Spider-Man in the same frame" is the biggest selling point of this film, after all, this is only a film with a duration of less than two hours. The main creator must make certain choices. It is impossible for each Spider-Man to have a lot of scenes... small There will be regrets, but they are unavoidable.

In another story line, the film also did not lose the original flavor of the "Spider-Man" series.

The love and protection of his family is the starting point and driving force of Miles. The death of Uncle Allen (Prowler) also made Miles taste the pain of losing a loved one and the price of strong growth.

In contrast, the performance of the "family line" can only be said to be quite satisfactory , and it is a little superficial. Fortunately, the proportion is not high, and it does not have many negative effects. It is not a success.

I am relieved that after Peter Parker, another new generation of Spider-Man has stood up on the screen - "Little Black Spider" Miles Morales is convincing (you say Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy? Well, I'll admit she's great too, but it's not her home game today).

Just like the sign painted and graffitied by himself after taking over the spider suit, Miles has his own unique style and personality: in his docile and modest soul, there is a rebellious and uninhibited side, he is sensitive and kind, faithful to his "ex" He is sloppy and unrestrained, never tying his sneakers and shoelaces, he has all the troubles and laziness that teenagers cannot escape, and also has the dreams and beliefs that all his peers yearn for.

After experiencing hesitation, Miles found his own "Tao", just like when he bought his first COS suit and was afraid that it would not fit, "Store Manager" Stan Lee said: "One day we will meet . body" .

He's not the second Peter Parker, he's the first Miles Morales.

The most exciting thing about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the spirit, "Anyone can be a Spider-Man!" Because each of us can be a hero to ourselves and our friends and family.

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Extended Reading
  • Arne 2021-10-20 19:00:23

    Who would have thought that Sony used a superhero animation to challenge Disney's hegemony in animation awards in the last month of 2018? Although the theme is still the same old tune, the choice of content and form of animation is far more free than that of live-action movies. The comic-style visual presentation and the highly individualized color collocation gave birth to the Spider-Man works closest to the original comics. The six Spider-Man have their own characteristics (in fact, there are more than six), but the decadent version of Peter Parker is undoubtedly my favorite: a hero who entered middle age and fell into the trough of life, but still has a spirit of self-sacrifice. Even if I said not to let me hear "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility", I still practiced this sentence personally, the perfect embodiment of the spirit of Spider-Man. Best Spider-Man movie! Best Stan Lee Egg! Best credits!

  • Mauricio 2022-03-17 09:01:02

    Burn! Cool! ! Burst! ! ! The same Marvel, different Spider-Man. The concept of the parallel universe gives the Spider-Man a chance to gather together, and animation is an excellent way to show the Spider-Man saving the world. The vivid and interesting image design makes the Spider-Man who broke the dimension wall no sense of disobedience. They are full of emotions, and the visual impact brought by the color contrast on the screen catches people's attention. The screen is always new for the old, even the world of superheroes is no exception. What moved me the most was that Peter, the Spider-Man who we loved "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility", was finally able to let go of his sense of responsibility and rest for a while. The new generation will eventually grow up, from ordinary students to urban heroes, this generation has their own Black Spiderman who wears aj! Ps: What is the Myers QQ number?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse quotes

  • Peter Parker: Listen, we gotta team up here, we don't have that much time.

    [drops USB drive into Miles' hand]

    Peter Parker: This override key is the only way to stop the collider. Swing up there, use this key, push the button and blow it up. You need to hide your face. You don't tell anyone who you are. No one can know. He's got everyone in his pocket.

    Miles Morales: [overwhelmed with information] What?

    Peter Parker: If he turns the machine on again, everything you know will disappear. Your family, everyone. *Everyone*. Promise me you'll do this.

    Miles Morales: I promise.

    Peter Parker: Go! Destroy the collider! I'll come and find you!

    [as Miles exits]

    Peter Parker: It's gonna be ok.

  • [when Miles was tied up in a chair and muffled with webbing after Peter and the other Spider-People left]

    Jefferson Davis: [knocks on the door, outside Miles' dorm] Miles? Miles, it's your dad. Please open the door.

    [Miles struggles to break free, but stops, listening to his father outside the door]

    Jefferson Davis: Miles, I can see your shadow moving around. Yeah. Okay, I get it. I get it. Still ignoring me. Look, can we talk for a minute? Something happened...

    [Miles was feeling sad to hear this]

    Jefferson Davis: Look, sometimes... people drift apart, Miles. And I don't want that to happen to us, okay? Look, I know I don't always do what you need me to do or say what you need me to say, but I... I see this... this spark in you, it's amazing, it's why I push you. But it's yours, and whatever you choose to do with it, you'll be great.

    [Miles comes closer to the door and listened to this]

    Jefferson Davis: Look; call me when you can, okay? I love you. You don't have to say it back, though.

    [Miles isn't able to respond due to being tied up and muffled, and his father knocked on the door as a farewell to him, walking off]