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Andre 2022-04-19 09:01:17

When I go to the cinema to watch a movie, the movie is generally good, but when I saw the scene of the shootout, I had to sigh. '
The first is the coup d'etat of the apes, where Koba shot Caesar with a single shot from an M4 without any aiming. (╯°□°)╯ Dare to ask Koba, have you practiced guns for more than ten years, or have you evolved into a Terminator?
The monkeys broke into the arsenal, grabbed high-tech equipment and decided to attack the human base. A group of people, no, a few horses of a group of apes charged forward, killing humans in a hurry. . . Several horses. . . Are you kidding me? There is wood in the 21st century! Where have the mines gone! Where did C4 go! Where are the heavy machine guns? Want to block the charge with a few M4s?
Apes continue to hang up. And no matter how the monkey managed to open the ammo box (that thing was locked), how did he learn to load the magazine, the problem is that you didn't even pull the safety latch! You thought it was a slingshot!
There is a bang, bang bang ping ping pong pong, monkeys, have you changed your bullets? A M4 with 30 bullets, or bursts rather than bursts, can last two or three minutes is a miracle, right? There are still bullets at the end of the film? !
The head of the ape tribe, Koba, rushed forward with a m249 in his hand, and beat him, and later held the m249 in both hands. . . . Dear, do you know how much recoil the m249 has (if you don't know, give a cs a try), how did you hit the gun with one hand, are you possessed by Brother Chun? How can you not hurt your wrist by holding a gun with one hand? Also, how did you load the m249's bullets?
The arrival of that armored vehicle was purely to cause trouble for his own people. Knowing that you are fighting a highly agile opponent like Monkey, you still don't know how to close the top door? Then after Koba robbed the armored car, dare to ask how Koba managed to operate the accelerator, steering wheel, turret and top machine gun of the armored car at the same time? Did you grow three heads and six arms!
Human beings are stupid and ape clan is hanging, it is strange that this kind of war does not lose

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  • Monte 2022-03-25 09:01:05

    Trust can create a beautiful state, but trust is so fragile. Similar conflicts of interest cannot be avoided, let alone non-self.

  • Darlene 2021-10-20 19:00:52

    The orangutan drama is very catching, it depends on the good director, and it also has Shakespeare's light. A few sections are very good; but there are also human literary dramas that are completely unreasonable, which leads to the desire to fast forward every time you cut to the human drama. Except for the male lead, it is okay to delete all the other human protagonists. It is purely cumbersome. Is Gary Oldman the cos Dong Cunrui in the end? He died inexplicably.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes quotes

  • Malcolm: Apes do not want war.

  • Caesar: War has begun.