I hate that iron is not steel

Benny 2022-04-20 09:01:11

In many places, the director's efforts are in the right direction, but the force is not enough. Let people see that iron is not steel.

For example, the background of the story is the end of mankind. When those few people who shouldered the responsibility of saving the same kind, suddenly heard a cheerful song at the gas station, they could have evoked a strong sense of sadness in the end of the world. It's a pity that the director's previous scenes of the end of the world are too little, and the foreshadowing is not enough, and the intensity of this emotion is not enough.

But the most unforgivable thing is the flaw in the story: there is no climax.
The reason there is no climax is that the director puts the audience in the wrong position.
Humanity is not at fault in this war. The audience is rightly on the human side.
After all, when the audience saw a group of monkeys rushing down the mountain to slaughter the city, there was no sense of refreshment, only a sense of humiliation.

At this point, think of "Avatar," think of "Sedek Bale," and you know how important it is to get the audience in line before the climax.

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