A different Hawking

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Special thanks to Jane for writing this story into a book and sharing it with everyone! Special thanks to the writer and director for making this film so beautiful!
The color of the film has a youthful youth and a nostalgic style of the last century. This is a biopic of Hawking's youth. The reality must be much more cruel than the movie. In just two hours, I saw a different Hawking.
How lucky is Hawking to meet Jane in the best years of his life, and Jane never abandons him in the darkest period of his life. Jane, what a strong and beautiful woman.
I don't know much about Hawking, 1. The photo of him smiling in a wheelchair, 2. He has written "A Brief History of Time" and I haven't read it, 3. ALS, through the movie, I know that he is just like us ordinary people'' Ordinary'' living, no longer so mysterious.
Some criticized the film for ignoring Hawking's work, research and achievements.
However, what I want to say is that this is just a movie, not a TED course for scientific inquiry. And it is based on Jane Wilde's memoir "Flying to Infinity: Days with Hawking", which tells the love story of well-known physicist Stephen Hawking and his first wife Jane Wilde that began at Cambridge University And the inspirational legend before and after Hawking's illness. This untold love journey unfolds from a woman's point of view. Jane also hopes to convey to the public through Hawking's influence that families with ALS face many difficulties that are unimaginable to ordinary people.
It's a pity that Stephen finally separated from Jane.
However, the director handled the film very well and made it euphemistically.
In the last ten minutes of the film, Jane still gently wiped his glasses for him. I was moved to tears by this scene, although they have been separated, I believe that their feelings for each other have already surpassed friendship and love.
Watch them "create" together in a sunny garden. Then the camera rolls quickly, and their shared life is rewinding, back to the night they first met, smiling at each other at that party, and everything was so beautiful.
The reality is really cruel, but with a story of love, memories will exude a beautiful soft light.
The ending song, the vast universe, the bright starry sky.

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  • Stephen Hawking: I will write a book.

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