The cut-in point is generally not expected to be a romance film. . .

Cristina 2022-04-21 09:01:16

Maybe it’s because of the same schedule and similar themes, I always like to compare it with imitation games. After thinking about it, imitation games are indeed better.
Probably because the content is limited or the angle is different. The Theory of Everything has almost nothing in the second half of the game. The disease insists on doing research" (although it's cliché but I think this is a very important part!!!) and I even suspect that the protagonist is actually his wife [manual goodbye]
Although the last time backtracks the implicit expression" "Find the starting point of time and go back to the beginning" is quite emotional. Anyway, I sit in front of the computer and cry like a dog, but it's still not as profound and shocking as imitating the game to the progress of society and the progress of human nature. The theory of
everything seems to be a bit The little family is angry.
In fact, always think that this kind of theme love should be placed in the position of the auxiliary line of the shadow-hidden line (like a beautiful soul, which is very good). Even if there is a wife to accompany, the inner estrangement makes the independent soul more lonely. This kind of plot is more poignant I wwwwwwww
is a very important point. I think smart people, especially scientists, should have something more pleasing in their life than love
. I saw a question on Zhihu. Why don't physicists marry wives? The answer is because for them In terms of dopamine secretion from doing research is more exciting than orgasm (so I deny my high school physics old saying "poor unmarried physicist"),
but in their minds there will be Then there is a little desire for love or other feelings. For example, Turing took the machine as the name of his first love. The curly hair in the social network seems to be scum (in fact, it is really scum), and finally sit there and click on the ex-girlfriend facebook to add and keep refreshing the page
anyway I am I think the structure of denying or hiding one thing and finally proving one thing in just over an hour in the movie is better wwww

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The Theory of Everything quotes

  • Stephen Hawking: I will write a book.

    Jane Hawking: About what?

    Stephen Hawking: Time.

    Jane Hawking: Time?

    Stephen Hawking: What is the nature of time? Will it ever come to an end? Can we go back in time? Some day these answers may seem as obvious to us as the Earth orbiting the sun, or perhaps as ridiculous as a tower of tortoises. Only time, that's what we say.

  • Technician: [presenting Hawking with the speech-generating device] Welcome to the future.

    Stephen Hawking: [speaks for the first time] My name is Stephen Hawking...

    Jane Hawking: [astonished] It's American!

    Technician: Is that a problem?

    Jane Hawking: Oh, my goodness, well... is there another voice?

    Technician: It's the only one lately I have at the moment.

    Jane Hawking: [smiles with delight] I think it's great!