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Everyone needs to be recognized and recognized for their own value. The best way to save a person is to recognize the other person's value, encourage and recognize him. I saw the video of Ma Yunkai's solo concert today. Dad Ma stood on the stage holding the microphone and sang with a face full of intoxication. Wang Jianlin, who was sitting at the bottom, listened seriously. Sitting at the bottom and listening to the concert, Ma Yun was the only one who didn't sing very well, so when I saw this scene, I felt a little funny. The former has become one of the most influential figures in this era, but In the past two years, I have been using various methods to satisfy myself. The reason may be because of my childhood dream, maybe because I felt that I could have done more things, because the hard work has delayed so many years, so now I have Time has the conditions, so let's slowly realize them one by one, whether he is naive or self-willed, anyway, I am very envious of having this kind of "nonsense" ability, at least 99% of the people in this world don't have it. this opportunity and ability. George in "What a Wonderful Life" is 99% of them. He has no way to control his own life. His destiny is imperceptibly pushed to deviate from the track of his dream, although he has the ability to finish college and then realize his dream. , but God seems to be a little unfair to him. He always makes mistakes when faced with choices. His kindness can't be done indifferently watching the rich Potter occupy the last territory of the town, and then arbitrarily slaughter these growth and living in The hard-working and kind "sheep" in this land, the passion of the teenager can't resist the temptation of love and the expectant look of the lover, and the responsibility of the elder brother cannot bear to destroy the marriage and talent of the younger brother, so every time he chooses to grit his teeth Withstood and took all the responsibilities, unconsciously, his life seemed to be completely out of his own. For the company, he worked hard every day and could barely make ends meet. With more and more children, he Become a husband and father, and his dreams have long been squeezed into invisible corners . Is this the punishment for kindness and bravery? This is the charm of this film that is still classic even after decades, and this is also the problem we face as we grow and mature. Society does not seem to reward kind and brave actions, no matter where it is, no matter where it is. In language, in which era, but some people just can't be indifferent. If it happens again, I believe that George will jump down recklessly when he sees his brother fall into the icy river, even if he already knows that the price is one of his own ears. It is university and dreams, and on the one hand, the happiness and hope of the whole town people. George's second choice will also be a small town. If he knew that his wife would choose to be alone for a lifetime in a world without him, George would also give up his dream because of marriage and childbirth. Feeling unhappy? So God sent an ugly angel down and turned this world into a world without George. I was surprised that a person can have such a big impact on the people around them and their lives. In human society, If the butterfly effect is used as a metaphor for the influence of this individual on the surrounding environment and people, the magnitude of its influence does not depend on how many times the butterfly flaps its wings, but on the excellent qualities of the butterfly, such as the energy of bravery and kindness How powerful, these are things that have nothing to do with personal wealth, people live in this world, it seems that the most important thing should be money, but in front of angels and God, rich and poor are equal, in money will In a secular society where people are divided into three, six, and nine classes, returning to the true nature of life has become the same again. I used to think that the power of the individual is very small, except for the prominent figures in various eras, and this situation has nothing to do with the talent and quality of the individual. Life is full of bumps and stumblings, but what they can influence us so far is the attitude we face in the face of hardships, the sentiments expressed in poetry when dealing with hardships, and the precious spiritual wealth they have left us. On the contrary, what about the landlord class who live a nourishing life? What about those who got along well in their careers? Who remembers their names? There is a stele in the English Cathedral that records a man's self-report. The general idea is "I used to want to change the world. After many years, I found that I don't have the ability, so I want to change my country. After trying, I still can't change my country. Then I will change my family, but my My family has not been changed by me, and in the year of the grave, I don’t even have the ability to change myself.” To sum up in a Chinese saying: “If you don’t sweep a house, how can you sweep the world.” Everyone is not ordinary, and they live in this world with dispensation, right? In the lives of a small number of people, you are the butterfly that can set off a sandstorm with a few flaps of its wings. Your presence is a bright future for someone, a turning point in their destiny, yours. Lovers may be lonely for a lifetime because of your disappearance, so instead of them loving ourselves, we most need to give ourselves a hug and affirmation. Most people can't show their importance as willful as Jack Ma, so this movie tells us every ordinary person, you are important, you are not dispensable, there will be someone who will love you forever, so What a beautiful life.

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