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The content of the film is rich, but not explained clearly. The director places the characters' grievances and grievances in the context of the American Civil War and seems to want to illustrate the change process of the protagonist from entangled in personal hatred to petitioning for the people (justice for the slain elected congressman), but the film does not show it clearly, making people feel I feel that the protagonist is obsessed with hatred, and the previous assassination also cast a shadow on the characters that he is not an upright person. On the contrary, the butcher who killed the protagonist's opponent, although ferocious, dared to act, he was quite accurate under the performance of actor Louis, and the character was quite powerful.
I have always disliked people who have hatred in their hearts, nor do I like people with a ruthless nature. I can understand the hatred of the protagonist (the murder of the father), but I cannot understand the murderousness of the butcher. Throughout the movie, I've been looking for the reason why the butcher became the butcher, but couldn't find it. This figure seems to have become a kite with a broken string, and has been floating in the sky, and his stringer cannot be seen.
After watching the movie, it can be said that I was a little disappointed. But some things seem to have no reason, or are created by the environment, they are born that way, we have seen movies, and that's fine.

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    Unexpectedly, the butcher later switched to oil.

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    4.5. Gain a unique surprise for the author of Disorder Complement. The historical view brought about by the climax drama is like "Irishman". A series of indiscriminate shots hitting the two factions is the most thorough self-deprecation of the gangster old horse. It destroyed the previous two hours' maintenance, The bluff and figurative romance that Lao Ma has been obsessed with for a long time. As the smoke of the gunfire dissipated, Xiao Li and DDL were exposed to the most abstract and most illusory point of view. Crisis was everywhere, and the opponent disappeared. They were classified as flesh and "human." The renewal of the positioning must come after the fog has cleared, "Thank God, I die as a real American." Between grievances and enlightenment, the two finally ended up in "Stealing the Wire". Another brand-new romance spews out. The half star that is not full depends almost entirely on Xiao Li's performance.

Gangs of New York quotes

  • Miss Schermerhorn: Is that man drunk?

    Happy Jack: Och, dead as Good Friday, miss.

  • Young Johnny Sirocco: Oy! Boyo!

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: Johnny.

    Young Johnny Sirocco: What you doin', boyo?

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: There's a battle. The natives against the dead rabbits.

    Young Johnny Sirocco: Which side are you on?

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: What do you think?

    [points behind him]

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: Dead rabbits.