I killed the person I most respected

Elouise 2022-04-20 09:01:08

Gangs of New York
It's an atrocity of civilization and civilization,
it's an epic of revenge,
it's a proper duel.
It has witnessed the turbulent situation in the United States in the past,
it has witnessed the rampant situation of American gangsters, and
it has also witnessed the situation of American gangsters from the beginning to the final decline.
This is New York.
It shows human nature with a certain scale.
In an era of turmoil and
gangs, the
gang is the hegemony!
Under the oppression of this hegemony, the
people finally moved towards resistance.
the turmoil starts here!

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  • Therese 2022-04-24 07:01:02

    No knowledge of American culture and history, so hard to understand. In fact, another translation is better, New York City. Can't the director concentrate on telling a story?

  • Candace 2022-03-25 09:01:05

    I watched it all the way for nearly three hours, but I didn’t feel that the long original theme was undoubtedly the traditional gangster revenge story, blending with the background of New York during the American Civil War, but in the end it sublimated into a sense of historical loneliness that was shattered into ashes. However, the reverse may be criticized as before and after. Breaking nondescript, gangsters, history, regardless of the two

Gangs of New York quotes

  • Miss Schermerhorn: Is that man drunk?

    Happy Jack: Och, dead as Good Friday, miss.

  • Young Johnny Sirocco: Oy! Boyo!

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: Johnny.

    Young Johnny Sirocco: What you doin', boyo?

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: There's a battle. The natives against the dead rabbits.

    Young Johnny Sirocco: Which side are you on?

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: What do you think?

    [points behind him]

    Young Amsterdam Vallon: Dead rabbits.