The world loves Robert Pattinson

Emmitt 2022-04-21 09:01:16

I finally read the annual expectation (one), although it is not the first time to see it, but it can be regarded as the completion of the annual goal (one).

"Tomorrow's Me and Yesterday's You Date" Nolan's implicit male love version, what kind of action sci-fi film is this, this is "Brokeback Mountain" about time, a pure tragic love film.

Let’s talk about the overall feeling first: the setting of this movie is very powerful, but the look and feel is not very exciting.

Nolan spent a long time telling the background of this story, and it is not difficult to understand. There are many time travel movies, and there are also many hero films that save the world in dire straits. The novelty lies in the presentation of the retrograde world, and the impact on the audience's antegrade logic when the anterograde and retrograde worlds go on at the same time.

After you understand the big concept, it's not a big problem if you don't understand the small details. If you are interested, it will be solved with a second brush.

The important thing is what is the effect of the background setting of Nolan's new world this time? I don't think it's wonderful. The visual effects of sci-fi action films are insufficient, whether it is racing, bombing buildings, or the final gunfight, they are all soft. In particular, the actions of the characters in the retrograde world are not only not powerful enough, but even a little funny. The feeling of hitting the sponge with a hard punch.

What I like is not those big scenes, but Neil's selfless protection of the male protagonist, and the phrase "I am waiting for you at the starting point", what is this not a pure love film? It is exactly the same as the outline of "Tomorrow's Me and Yesterday's You".

After this film, the world loves Robert Pattinson.

Although the sense of shock to me is not enough, the setting of the movie is really awesome. Nolan can come up with such a story background is not only a genius, but also a "madman". I believe that after this film, there will be more sci-fi movies with similar settings, so this can be regarded as Nolan's creation of a sci-fi movie direction.

Nolan has been fascinated by the complex concept of time, and I hope to see him return to his basics in the near future. After all, no matter how great the technology is, it serves the plot.

How to say this movie is a high-tech AI chef, using the latest nano-cooking tools, using organic and non-polluting ingredients, and then using low-key luxury brand tableware to artistically arrange the plate, and make a scallion mixed tofu for the diners. Tofu mixed with shallots is delicious, but I was looking forward to roasted whole lamb.

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  • Carolyne 2021-10-20 19:00:29

    I don’t deserve to rate this movie. I don’t even understand the film review.

  • Cindy 2021-10-20 19:00:28

    The more I watch it, the more I feel that the whole movie has the structure of the title TENET, which is really awesome. I also understand why I chose Derby as the heroine-sitting in the back seat, stretched out my legs to open the door lock next to the steering wheel, the Hollywood actress is only 190 in height...

Tenet quotes

  • The Protagonist: Hey you never did tell me who recruited you, Neil.

    Neil: Haven't you guessed by now? You did! Only not when you thought. You have a future in the past. Years ago for me, years from now for you.

    The Protagonist: You've known me for years?

    Neil: For me, I think this is the end of a beautiful friendship.

    The Protagonist: But for me it's just the beginning.

    Neil: We get up to some stuff. You gonna love it. You'll see. This whole operation is a temporal pincer.

    The Protagonist: Whose?

    Neil: Yours! You're only half way there. I'll see you in the beginning, friend.

  • Ives: They're running a temporal pincer movement.

    The Protagonist: A what?

    Ives: Pincer movement. But not in space, in time. Half his team moves forward through the event. He monitors them and then attacks at the end moving backwards. Knowing everything.