Trying to show too much results in showing nothing

Audreanne 2022-04-20 09:01:10

Very ugly. The first time I saw a DC movie, I had high expectations. result. . . The director and screenwriter of the whole film wanted to show too many things, and it was very embarrassing that nothing was shown in place. For a while, I wanted to express the value of world peace, but this value can't stand in this ocean at all? ? ? Then for a while I wanted to be funny, but it wasn't funny at all. . . Then what about the pirate's revenge for a while? You thought he was going to talk about the pirate's revenge? ? ? Will it be a sibling battle for the throne for a while? ? The dagger inherited by the pirate family has so much foreshadowing, but is it useless? ? ? ? The Sea King Trident that I got after a long time wasted, didn't make the sea creatures convinced after I got it, I still depended on the heroine to tell everyone that he got the trident, let's take a look, everyone, look, wow, sure enough , so arrogant? ? ? ? ? I already wondered why I spent two hours watching this shitty movie. . . . Finally, for the sake of zzzq, why do you want peace on land and sea? ? There is no reason, why don't you ask the marine garbage thrown by humans? ? How can there be peace? ?

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  • Maxwell 2022-03-22 09:01:11

    3.5 Although the title is aquaMAN, almost all the great moments of the film belong to the two women.

  • Elton 2022-03-21 09:01:12

    very ugly. From the concept design to the character setting, it is all pediatrics, and the plot is not coherent. The most important thing is that the aesthetics are outrageous, not to mention the "Lord of the Rings", even the "Journey to the West" Dragon Palace in the East China Sea. In addition, anyone can watch Dian Ying now, right? It was also written into the history of film, and it was so ignorant to say that... Even if Wen Ziren has a box office of tens of billions, he is also a small director. (Seeing that Director Wen is of Chinese descent, he moved the Spring Festival Gala to the sea

Aquaman quotes

  • David Kane: I scavenge the high seas. You're the Aquaman. We were bound to meet at some point!

    Arthur Curry: Let's not make it a habit.

  • Orm: Down here, we have a legend about the Karathen, an ancient sea monster so powerful that even King Atlan himself couldn't contain it. So he imprisoned it in the depths of the ocean. In that abyss, the creature bides its time, waiting to rise again. Atlantis has been lying in wait, and now the beast has awakened.

    Arthur Curry: You know, there was a time when I wanted to meet you one day, get to know my little brother, let him know that he wasn't alone, and we could hang out together. If only I'd know what a dick you'd turn out to be.

    Orm: You were the reason our mother was executed. And I've hated you for it ever since. But I do not want to kill you, Arthur. I am going to give you one chance. Go home. Do not ever come back to Atlantis. You are not going to win this. A war is coming to the surface whether you like or not. And I am bringing the wrath of the Seven Seas with me.

    Arthur Curry: You know I can't let that happen.

    Orm: I know.