Blue is the craziest color

Griffin 2022-04-19 09:01:17

I have been struggling with this movie for too long... Last year, I came back after watching the reverse future with my sister who was in love with the dark (Ming) (after writing this sentence, I was surprised that it was already a movie in 2014), and I marked Apocalypse as "Monkey Year and Horse Moon" most anticipated." However, the year of the monkey and the month of the horse really came, but I missed the entire schedule because of various bad things at hand and the European Cup... So my dear Clermont, who is far away in Europe, is protesting and ruthlessly mocking me every day: 1. All kinds of inexplicable spoilers make me, who is still in the reversal of the future era, completely at a loss;
OK. So I downloaded the blu-ray version. Fortunately, I didn't go to the cinema to watch it. This full of slots was enough for me to be called out at the cinema. The plot is illogical, the emotions are extraordinarily ambiguous, the appearance is extremely bright, and the old man has a strange facial paralysis... Burning Goose, as a gloomy maniac patient who only loves black and red, the thing that impressed me the most was:
why everyone In Bilan?
First of all, the deity of Apocalypse is a grandpa who is a little purple in blue, but loves the bling bling of the golden sun, and likes to play with cement and yellow sand. No matter how many skins have been changed, all superpowers are accepted, and all kinds of beauty in prosperous times are not rejected, but the only constant formula is the blue that transcends melancholy. Oh, and the drooping corners of the mouth and the unhappy eyes.
Then there's Mystique and the Beast... embarrassingly capitalized. The first sentence the two met when they met turned out to be... Are you blue? I'm not blue anymore. How about you? I'm not blue anymore.
What a warm reunion.

I am blue. Nightcrawler said innocently.
I just thought that the little blue in Hellboy was about to come out, and there was no sense of disobedience——
Who is talking about me?

After the Bilan Contest, the plot is completely unrestrained. After reversing the future and forcing Wolverine to change the hat of history, it is now completely overturned. The first meeting of Uncle Wolf and Phoenix Girl is really embarrassing. I really can only refuse such a Phoenix girl who feels like she can kill someone with her bare hands (of course, it may be that the actress is really small), the actress is getting smaller and smaller, the male Actors are getting older - all reunions are passed on from generation to generation.

Uh... I heard that the Scarlet Witch was beaten to death in the reunion next door? I do not know anything.
But in any case, let Magneto follow the route of Wolverine, you can't convince yourself the screenwriter. Let the first slender waist in Europe go to the iron? Let Magneto, who is responsible for collecting scrap iron in a twisted shape, hide in the woods like Uncle Wolf and play the role of grandma? Is it too late to forcibly break up until now - did you see the moment when Professor X choked up when Mystique mentioned that Magneto had married and had children? Two people have been in love with each other for so many years, and the result of being forcibly dismantled into passers-by by the screenwriter directly caused Lao Wan to be paralyzed. Although there is no expression on his face, his emotions are very unstable, and he even beats himself when he gets crazy.
This is the story of a cement worker and a blacksmith partnering to carry out forced demolition.

After seeing the bling bling nuclear warhead, Grandpa Tianqi shouted "No more stones!" A man out of the Stone Age, a man out of bad taste.
But Grandpa Apocalypse, as an "almighty mutant", can only recharge other mutants to be a father. I really refuse it... I was super amazing when I saw it in Reversing the Future Easter Eggs before - oh my god How to fight, people raise their fingers and everything will be wiped out! It turned out that I was thinking too much. They were just a retired veteran who collected magical mutant babies from all over the world like a Pokemon Go player and played with mud by the way. Aggression is not as strong as mania Magneto. If you want to send a message to the whole world, you have to use Professor X as the WeChat public platform ambassador.
Also, why are there two catheters on the head? Looks a lot like the engineer in Prometheus.

The ravager died so inexplicably, and everyone didn't even miss him at all. Cyclops seems to be old and wet...

The scene of the Phoenix girl walking in the air seems to coincide with the miracle of Jesus walking on water in the Bible. Thinking of this, it seems to have formed a subtle relationship with the "pseudo-god" that Tianqi has been scolding. Compare hahaha. God is indeed a girl.

Another part of the screenwriter's forcible break is to let Professor X restore the memory of the female agent. At the time, I was in tears as well - as expected, if two people are attracted to each other, even if they lose their memory, they will still be attracted to each other.
However, after the event, I came back to my senses and thought: No, why do you forget it when you let it go, and now you can't remember it when you can't be teased - why do you do what you want! Have you considered the girl's feelings? Please return those touching eyes, youth and hair to other girls!

When they finally built the house, they thought Phoenix and Magneto were doing Tai Chi.
The Beast is really a good model worker, and at the end of the mix, he also served as a teaching assistant for Mystique.

What really made me cry is the ending, Lao Wan and Professor X say goodbye (again), stroking the wheelchair to say goodbye. This is true - every encounter is a reunion after a long absence. To tear down a bridge and build a school is all for you, to have a relationship with you in any way possible.

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