Aquaman we need more heroism

Jaunita 2022-04-22 07:01:03

Wen Ziren's DC debut has undoubtedly become the finale of the end of this year.

I, who love heroic movies, never felt that such an adrenaline-pumping plot was an old routine for heroes to save the world, because what this movie reminds me is also the lone hero before Neptune pulls out his trident. The confession: "I came here not to get the throne, but to protect my homeland and the people I love. I don't want to be a king, I want to be a hero."

I think our world needs more heroism. When we have the dream of becoming a hero, our soul will give us more courage to support us to adhere to the justice and principles that must be adhered to. Instead of shrinking into the empty shell of egoism, clinging firmly to a bit of snail horns, some petty profits, hunched over, losing the blood and backbone it should have.

It is true that heroism often corresponds to the impulses of immature teenagers. However, if a country loses its due recognition and praise for heroism, and even turns it into a derogatory sense of stupidity and stupidity, then when an avalanche occurs, When the moment comes, disaster will no longer meet any resistance.

Therefore, the hero story on the silver screen has become a dream that I can never do enough. I am willing to believe that justice will come on schedule and the meaning of sticking to my heart in these dreams with heroes. I am more willing to believe that the greatness of this world Most people, like me, love heroism.

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  • Lela 2022-03-18 09:01:02

    So stupid, so stupid, so stupid. DC filmed to and fro, still only knowing to destroy things. Tell me: What is the difference between underwater combat and Superman smashing buildings? ? ? Aquaman is completely a piece of paper, without any recognition. That's right, choosing a good IMAX hall is good, but still, too stupid, too stupid, really too stupid.

  • Marshall 2022-03-21 09:01:12

    How can an invulnerable man get his own tattoo?’s a sticker... the Trench tribe should be the most noble race, all of them can breathe out of the water (although they are called the Trench tribe); (red) crabs burrow out of the volcano, just like... a huge hot pot base material. I was bitten by a shark, and a voice told me: "You can’t eat more because you’re cold in nature"... The story is a modern version of the myth of Hercules and Creon: Creon relies on blood and military strength. Hercules made twelve great achievements and was able to unite divided tribes. The former is the most important thing for contemporary non-Western political leaders, and they are just being discarded. The latter is something that Oriental scholars who admire "liberalism" cannot look forward to-they will definitely say: the first duel Sea King has already lost, how can he disregard procedural justice? Just like the "yellow vest" rumors that have been raging these days-but without a bit of Bacchus spirit, Republic can't play any longer.

Aquaman quotes

  • David Kane: I scavenge the high seas. You're the Aquaman. We were bound to meet at some point!

    Arthur Curry: Let's not make it a habit.

  • Orm: Down here, we have a legend about the Karathen, an ancient sea monster so powerful that even King Atlan himself couldn't contain it. So he imprisoned it in the depths of the ocean. In that abyss, the creature bides its time, waiting to rise again. Atlantis has been lying in wait, and now the beast has awakened.

    Arthur Curry: You know, there was a time when I wanted to meet you one day, get to know my little brother, let him know that he wasn't alone, and we could hang out together. If only I'd know what a dick you'd turn out to be.

    Orm: You were the reason our mother was executed. And I've hated you for it ever since. But I do not want to kill you, Arthur. I am going to give you one chance. Go home. Do not ever come back to Atlantis. You are not going to win this. A war is coming to the surface whether you like or not. And I am bringing the wrath of the Seven Seas with me.

    Arthur Curry: You know I can't let that happen.

    Orm: I know.