Opinions on Magneto and Storm's Choices

Maia 2022-04-20 09:01:11

Just a little bit about my own opinion, I think the screenwriter still tells the story quite logically.

Magneto's beloved wife and daughter died, and he was completely surrounded by pain and hatred. At that time, he had no sympathy for human beings, so even if he destroyed the old world and killed countless innocent lives, he didn't care at all, maybe even I want those humans to feel the pain.
At this time, when Charles persuaded him, he naturally would not listen.

And from an objective point of view, it has been proved impossible for Eric to live as an ordinary person, (there are so many uncertainties in life, and it can’t be hidden for a while. As a global wanted criminal, even if he goes to Charles There's probably a lot of trouble there too) He can only be Magneto, and the path he's going to take at the time coincides with Apocalypse.

In the end, Eric's reversal, Charles is a very important factor.
But I don't fully agree with everyone saying that love made Eric do this.
I'm a person who can accept CPs of all sexual orientations, but I don't think the relationship between Eric and Charles can be carried over with love. [EC party don't hit me]]] (In this film, it is obvious that Charles' love is Mora, and Magneto's love is his wife.)

Although many people say that Mora is more like a soy sauce, she and Charles' love The relationship is not as tangled and deep as the relationship between Eric and Charles, but love is not the most precious and noble relationship in the world. "Love" is not limited to love. There are many emotions that are not love but are equally heartwarming. Eric loves his parents, loves his wife, loves his daughter, and loves Charles as well.

It can be seen that Eric attaches great importance to his family, and Charles also has a family-like weight in his heart.
But because Charles' situation was different, Eric, who was immersed in pain and thought he had nothing, didn't fully realize the importance of Charles to him from the beginning.

But in the end, in addition to recovering some conscience because of his past memories, he also found that Charles was actually so important to him.

What does that new world mean to him if all the people he loves are gone?

He's got nothing left, he can't lose Charles anymore.

As for Storm's anti-water, from a perceptual point of view, she said at the beginning that Mystique is her idol, and her feelings for idols will indeed affect her a lot, but I think the important reason is rational aspect. It can be inferred that there must be some similarities in the values ​​of Storm and Mystique, so that she may worship Mystique. (The many children in Storm's house at the beginning may be alluding to Storm's less obvious kindness and love.)
I remember Storm's hesitant and confused look when Mystique was caught by the apocalypse, about that time she Just because of the stimulation brought by idols, I began to find the three views that were previously suppressed by the inflated mentality, and I was fighting with myself in my heart. Thinking about the previous Apocalypse's attitude towards the defeated angels and spirit discs probably made Storm a little more sober.
Finally, on Professor X's side, I think Storm realizes what she really wants.
[It's not just for idols]

In addition, many people say that Tianqi was killed by Phoenix in the end, and it feels like he was beaten in vain. I don't think this is the case. Although the Phoenix Girl is the main force in killing Apocalypse, she would not have succeeded without the restraint of Magneto and others.

This point, the screenwriter should express more clearly through Storm's blow. At that time, although Apocalypse was no longer able to fight back, he was still using the ability of space transfer, and some people exclaimed, "He is going to escape." And Storm's reversal made it impossible for Apocalypse to escape, and finally died, unable to make a comeback.

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  • Elbert 2021-10-20 19:00:11

    The X-Men series has a commendable advantage, that is, the sincerity that can still be shown in the extremely routine story. There is no director who is playing tricks on the shelf, and there is no role that looks like a puppet in order to achieve a gimmick. Many details of the film can make people feel the sincere attitude of the creator.

  • Muhammad 2022-03-19 09:01:02

    How is the aesthetics of Apocalypse the same as the circuit board?=-= Two and a half hours, except for recruiting attendants, destroying weapons, and learning languages. In the second degree, you can talk and laugh with Ultron. Lao Wan just sings that our workers have power, and EC is considered sugar... Can the director be more lazy when memory kills account for 70%?

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