Training day, the movie that shook my heart

Shanon 2022-04-19 09:01:12

Movies are always gripping. As an ordinary person or a movie watcher, we already have a fixed pattern to enjoy the movie, that is, no matter how you reverse it, the male lead is just. However, Alonzo's way of doing things and behavior habits are contrary to the profession of the police, but we still feel that he will definitely serve justice in his own way. Threats and intimidates students who want to take drugs (looks stupider than the second male, let's just think they are students), violently beats gangsters, the biggest drug lord says he is his informant, and shows that he really wants to crack down on drugs. one side. These fully made me feel that this person has a very great charm. Even running rampant in gang gathering places can be calm, which undoubtedly gives us a wild and uninhibited image of "justice". We also secretly applaud his way of doing things, why? Because he has been brainwashing, not only brainwashing Daniel (the second male), but also brainwashing the audience, thinking that if he fights poison with poison, the wild wolf should be subdued by the wild wolf. This image is indeed the usual style of this type of film, so we are used to being attracted to this image.

I have to say that I started paying attention to Daniel from the Avenger, especially the first part, the "Hardware Man" in the barrage, which gave me too much favor. When I came to watch the training day, I thought this classic The movie must be a regular-style action movie. However, as the plot progresses, Daniel goes to play cards with the gang boss, and even when Alonzo has already driven away, we still believe that this is just a cover, maybe Alonzo is testing him, or there is something unspeakable. It was not until the girl rescued by Daniel told what happened during the day that we began to think that Alonzo was really a black policeman. It's abhorrent, how can a police officer be so far from his profession? It was designed for a week to justify himself, sacrificing his so-called old friend, and trapping a rookie in anti-drugs who was just about to take revenge. Ignoring friendship, ignoring family affection, trampling on rules and laws, despising the dignity of life, holding a pass of justice, and exercising evil deeds.

This reversal even made me unacceptable for a while. Your unconventional path turned out to be so dark and reached the end. You fight poison with poison. The so-called poison is yourself. The purpose of the wild wolf to conquer the wild wolf is to deduct a The logical hat, so that Daniel can't see it clearly, even a little bit convinced that he is with an unusual boss. Fortunately, fortunately, there is a loyal dog, loyal to the country, loyal to the law, loyal to the fear of life, and bitten off the neck of the wolf until death.

The movie gave me a lot of shocks, and the filmmakers gave us a very wonderful interpretation of human nature. Alonzo's fate is what we hope to see, and Daniel's choice is also the light we pursue. It is a naive hope that human nature can really be a little simpler, so that we can face our own world more sunshine and see things better.

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  • Horace 2021-10-20 19:00:25

    Washington’s great performance overwhelmed everything in this film. I wish Alonzo would be the final winner. The ending of this dog day hurts my heart.

  • Derrick 2022-03-24 09:01:11

    Persistence is actually a kind of disillusionment, and those who reject the possibility always need courage, so there is no need to despise those extreme people, there are always people’s truths, and innocence is almost a small disaster, and it also has to pay. Costly.

Training Day quotes

  • Smiley: [to Jake, before Moreno, sniper, Smiley drag him into the bathroom and lift him into the tub] You got the right to be bitch-slapped.

  • [on phone]

    Jake Hoyt: Hello?

    Alonzo Harris: Hoyt?

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir?

    Alonzo Harris: You on your way to roll call?

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir, I'm on my way out the door right now.

    Alonzo Harris: Hoyt.

    Jake Hoyt: Yes, sir?

    Alonzo Harris: Patrol ferries go to roll call, we don't go to roll call...

    Jake Hoyt: OK, that's good to know.

    Alonzo Harris: Listen, there's a coffee shop at 7th and Whitman. Be there, ten 'o clock, in civies, comfortable shoes. You got a backup gun? Somethin' pocket size?

    Jake Hoyt: Uh, no sir. I got the Department issue Buretta...

    Alonzo Harris: Good, good, bring it. Cuffs too. We'll be in the office all day, but who knows? Maybe we'll do some business, we're an aggressive unit.

    Jake Hoyt: Uh, yes sir. And that's exactly why I signed up, and I just wanted to thank you...

    [Alonzo hangs up]